January 16, 2013

Fancy-But-Easy Cartoon Birthday Cake!

By Laura
Introduced by Amy

Laura is my oldest sister and we shared a room growing up.  Because of that, she deserves an medal.  Seriously, I was a slobby little hoarder (I collected...everything.) and I coughed from asthma all through the night--yet she still loved and spoiled me.  

Laura is my hero for how calm and patient she is in her home.  I've never really seen her lose her temper at her kids; she's probably even pleasant when she yells at them (if she ever yells...she would probably tell you she does, though I've never seen it...haha)  She is talented and smart, and though she wouldn't sing a solo for a hundred bucks (too shy), she basically has perfect pitch and can sing any harmony part.  And she rocks Irish Dance...another hidden talent!  (She probably wants to kill me now! Ha!)  I love talking to her, laughing with her, and getting her advice about raising kids, because I want to be a loving mom like her when I grow up!  


Making cute birthday cakes for my kids has been a real stresser.   I always get really excited to decorate a cute cake and then half way through when the kids start fighting, the frosting starts melting because I am not the fastest decorator, then I get so mad because I want to do something that is for ME to work on a creative skill ONCE A YEAR and it turns into the worst part of my kid's birthday instead of the most enjoyable one. Until a week ago! 

I saw on a cooking show how to make really cute detailed frosting pictures that you make beforehand, freeze, then toss it onto a frosted cake for a professional looking cake! 

Get a coloring book page of your kid's favorite character (or you can print almost any character online of a coloring page for free). 

Tape it to a cookie sheet. 

Tape a piece of wax paper over the page so that you can see the character through the wax paper. 

Pipe frosting using a small tip to "trace" over the outlines. 

Freeze until hard. 

Then spread your coloring frosting over the picture in between the outline. 

You know, like you are coloring it with frosting. 

Then freeze again. 

To make thicker and more sturdy, put a final layer of frosting over the whole thing then freeze again. 

When frozen, slowly and carefully peel the wax paper off and flip it over and walaah! A masterpiece that will get tons of compliments that only took 15 minutes! 



  1. That is pretty cool. I might have to try that. My almost 2-yr-old would love a cars cartoon or Thomas on his cake... next month. I had another idea but this will be much easier and I have all the supplies I'll need!

  2. Thanks for passing on the idea Laura! Chloe is turning 4 in a couple of weeks and wants a "My Little Pony" cake. I'm going to put the Pinkie Pie horse on hers. Wahoo!

  3. Laura, are you supposed to freeze the frosting character overnight? I made this and it froze the outline for two hours and it wasn't frozen. So, I still went ahead and frosted the color just being extra careful. Then I froze that for 3 more hours. It still wasn't frozen by the time I was ready to put it on the cake. Maybe it was the frosting I was using? It was thin. What kind did you use? Well, I ended up just cutting around it and laying the wax paper on the cake. The cake had a white background and you couldn't even tell it was on wax paper. It still turned out really cute. I just want to get a little clarity for the next time I make it. I guess I need to freeze it overnight?


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