home style

Here you'll find everything involved in running a happy/efficient/beautiful home. 

Cause after all, whether we live in a tiny rented apartment or own an amazing house (someday...*dreamy sigh*) our home is our castle!



Home Decor 

Home Stylin: Amy's Artsy Home--Part 1

Home Stylin: Amy's Artsy Home--Part 2

Home Stylin: Sherie's Mid-Century/Modern Home (Sherie) 

DIY Stumpy Globe Base (Amy)

DIY Scale Lanterns (Amy)

DIY String Balls: Possible the Most Obnoxious DIY project of All Time (Amy)

Feeding the Fam

Cooking Doesn't have to Suck! (Kim)

Cooking--How I Dread Thee. (Amy)

I {Almost} Achieved My Cooking Goal! (Amy)



Family Budget

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