January 13, 2014

Quick and Easy Craft: Love Song Pillow

By Amy

My husband and I don't have "a song."

There are many we love, like, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz.  We both LOVE that song, but as our love song?  It sounds a little like we are constantly struggling in our relationship!  And we both LOVE "Awake" by Josh Groban (this is my favorite version!  It's with Idina Menzel, so duh, it's amazing.), but it's kinda sad too!  It's about a couple who has to be apart...it makes me think of couples where one spouse is in the military.  So, that doesn't really fit us, though we love it.

And, I am crazy for the Beatles, but he's not a huge fan, so none of the sweet Beatles love songs will work. :(

We just can't agree on one.  But, the lyrics to, "Till there was You" from the Music Man pretty perfectly describe my feelings for him, since I never had a serious relationship till I met him.  (Oh geez...if you watch the video I linked, you might die when they start singing in each other's faces...haha!  Gotta love musicals!)

I dealt with a lot of anxiety over dating in high school and college, but he was such a good friend, and I was finally in a good place to try having a relationship...and basically, the timing was meant to be, cause it was right when I met Patrick!  I liked him SO much, he was worth facing the fear.  And I, who made fun of everything sappy and romantic for years, was suddenly the sappiest of saps.  (You can read our ridiculous love story here)  So, at least from MY point of view, this is our song. :)

For a while, I've wanted a cool accent pillow for our bed, and I had a pillow I was tired of, so I decided to put some fun graphic letters on the back, which was just plain fabric.  And, since it was for our bedroom, I thought something a little sweet and romantical would be nice!  But it couldn't be all flowery and pink (cause I share this room with a manly man), so I figured the plain block letters would work nicely.  I used a gold fabric pen, to echo the other gold accents in our room.  I probably would choose a little darker of a color if I were to do it over again, cause it's a little more subtle than I wanted it to be, but hey!  I still like it! :)

I tried stencils, but I wanted to rip my hair out, so I freehanded it.  And I used every ounce of juice in that marker!


It's a sweet reminder of our love story every time I walk in to the room. Yay!  (Don't tell Patrick that the Beatles covered this song...haha. :)

What do you think?  Too subtle?  Hmmmm.

Do you and your hub or boyfriend have a song?  What is it?  I'd love to hear. :)  Any other songless couples out there?


  1. That pillow looks great! If I tried to freehand something like that, it would look AWFUL!!! My hubby and I don't really have a song either. Sometimes I feel sad about it, but it is alright! Before we got married, we once said that our song was "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by the Beach Boys, but it did not really stick... Maybe someday we will have a song. :)

  2. LOVE your pillow!! Great words and it fits your "story" - haha!! CAN NOT believe your freehanded that - if it was me it would be slanting down and pretty illegible. I might copy you and make you do it :)

  3. I love it! That pillow is so cute! You're so crafty! One of my fiance's songs is "I Do" by Coblie Caillat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0oyglKjbFQ

  4. Wow! That's so sweet and creative. I always appreciate handicraft that has creativity on it more than any gift. It has more effort and love. I love it.

    Military spouse career

  5. We have a song too and we danced to it at our wedding. I made a pillow about it too and blogged about it here: http://controllingcraziness.blogspot.com/2013/08/personalized-pillow.html

  6. Cu-ute idea! Love it. I must say, my husband and I had a song and then it was played at my father's funeral during his video life sketch thing and well, that pretty much ruined it. Guess I should search for a new one. I love the pillow idea though. Adds some romance to the bedroom. :)

  7. What?? That is too cute! Our song is "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain:)

  8. Ahh, no love song here, but I love your pillow and that it's subtle.

  9. I love your pillow! I'm married to a manly man too, so no flowers and pink in our room. Our song is "Just Between You and Me" by April Wine. (We've been married 22 years, so it's an oldie.) Our daughter made us a painting with the words to the song for our room. So sweet.

  10. wow! how simple to just write with a sharpie. smart thinking. love this!


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