Our kids get lots of attention for their talents and skills.  We go to their recitals, games, tournaments, art shows, and concerts where we holler and cheer like crazy people because we're so darn proud.  We "ooh" and "ahh" over every A+ paper and doodle, and proudly display them on the fridge.


But, mommas got skills, too!  We also deserve some recognition now and then, ya know?

So, What talents are YOU working on?  Share your accomplishments so we can cheer for you!  (artwork, poems, photography, tell us about your bowling high score...whatever your talent is, don't be shy!  We want to hear from you!)  

Here's how to share your talents:  Send your descriptions and/or pics to me at: amy.the.graham(at)gmail(dot)com.  


Consider this the front of our fridge.  :)


Sweet Birthday Cake Cartoon Decorating (Laura)


Bald Art (Amy)


Rad Halloween Costumes (Sherie)


Fab Cake Decorating (Kasie)