May 30, 2013

The McDaniel's Rad Halloween Costumes!

-By Sherie

We've had a lot of fun with Halloween costumes.  We've rarely done the traditional costumes and find it alot more fun to make up our own.

My daughter likes to be every day objects and for weeks just looks around her for ideas - ipod shuffle and a Pepsi cup for example.  We've also looked to a movie or youtube character we like (Nacho Libre and Judice).  Sometimes an idea will come from scouring a thrift store and finding a sweet brown suede jumpsuit - can't pass that up!  Decade costumes are always fun to put together and especially to be a matching couple.  Halloween face paint / makeup always adds and I've searched the internet for pictures or videos on doing a character (snow leapoard last year).

I've also gotten ideas for my kids by who they already look like.  When Aleah was 3, she had shoulder-length blond hair and with her sweet little face and an adorable sailor dress, I thought of Shirley Temple.  When my other daughter Livi was 5, she had long blond hair and very sassy - Gwen Stefani.  My cranky, two month-old son became Grumpy Dwarf.

We try to use stuff that we already have or find it cheap and be creative - drew Hulk muscles on a thriftstore sweatshirt, made a light saber with a broom handle and paper, made an Ernie shirt from a thriftstore sweater adding strips of coloring duct tape.  It does take planning and time, but it's alot of fun and has become a tradition for our whole family!


Ninja, Tim Tebow as a rookie, hippie, Hansel, fairy, I-pod

Abe Lincoln

Snow White with the Grumpy Dwarf, Napoleon, (Austin's parents) Mrs. Doubtfire, and a tough dude. 

Mr. T!

Darth Maul! 
Darth Maul whompin' on a jedi

Bert and Ernie!
70's glam...

Mad scientist, kitty, 70's couple, batman, Junice

Junice being creepy...(Don't know who she is?  Check this out, SO freakin funny!)

Ernie, fairy, 80's chick (notice the fanny-pack) pepsi cup, Malfoy, 80's dude.
80's couple

Cleopatra, fairy, and Nacho Libre!

Nothing wrong with handing down an awesome costume!

Werewolf and Vampire...Twighlight, eat your heart out!
White trash. (Sorry for the politically incorrect name)
Wee little leprechaun!
Backwards dude
Ha!  Aren't those amazing!  My sister and her fam are pretty freakin cool.  Thanks Sherie, for sharing your family's awesome talent!  

And...we expect an update in October of this year's incredible pressure or anything.  :)  -Amy

P.s. What was your favorite?  I LOVE the Nacho, Junice, and Mr. T.  Oh, and I can't miss the 80's wonderfully nasty!

If you love this, share so others can laugh!  Or pin for costume ideas later! :)


  1. This was very inspiring! And I can't believe how much your niece looks like you, holy cow!!

    1. Haha...Yeah, especially when she was little, we were twinners!!!

  2. Sherie! You are so amazing at coming up with fun ideas for costumes. I do family themed costumes every once in awhile, but Frank is a pooper when it comes to Halloween. I love how simple many of them are. I love all the haircuts your hubby goes through for it. NICE!


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