January 10, 2013

Meet Sherie!

Sherie and Austin, grossing-out their kids...

I'm Sherie McDaniel. I am one of Amy's beloved sisters and excited to be a part of this. 

I grew up in Idaho, went to Ricks College (yes... it was still Ricks) where I met my Colorado-native husband and we've lived in Utah ever since. And yes, I drive a white mini-van.....what? I'm still trying to figure out this parenting thing with four insane kids (another on the way) who drive me insane every day, but it's cool. This parenting thing is awesome, but darn hard - good thing they're darn cute. 

 Caleb, Livi, Aleah, and Ian

I love working on our old home and creating......things. Running was a hobby until I tried out a 5k and that ended quickly, but I love playing volleyball (that counts as exercise, right?) and play weekly. Piano and reading non-fiction WWII books are among my hobbies, unrelated, and I can make a mean Cafe Rio-style burrito.  I'm grateful for all the good in my life and for what the hard times have taught me. Let us "swag on" together.

Sherie's S.O.M. post:  "Home Stylin: Sherie's Mid-Century/Modern Home"

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