January 9, 2013

Acts of Kindness Given and Recieved...Written by YOU!

Hey!  I realized there needed to be a way for anyone to be able to post acts of service at any time.  SO....Let's make the longest comment thread ever!  This post is just an introduction to everyones' comments!  Woo!

Here's how we'll roll:

In the comment section, please write stories about a specific service you've given or received, as well as kind deeds you've seen others do.  Please remember, this isn't about trying to make ourselves look good or doing our "alms before men" (ex. look at me, I'm so great, I gave a million dollars to...blah blah...).  This is about giving each other ideas and celebrating how good even small acts of service make us feel: both giving and receiving! 

Also, when telling your story, remember to use terms that everyone recognizes (like with names of groups or leaders from church) or add a little explanation.  (example:...my bishop--the leader of my church congregation...) 


So, now it's YOUR turn!  Let's share the love!

I'm gonna post my oldest sister, Laura's, experience to get us going... She's great, so enjoy!

Laura with her cute family!

"Every Christmas season I like to ask the current R.S. President (the leader of the women's organization in church) in my ward (congregation) if I can watch her kids for a few hours. No big deal, right? But they are always thinking about and service others so much during this season that I have found doing this is a way to give back and helps them feel loved and remembered as well. I had one president tell me through a few tears that I literally saved her Christmas because a week before, she still had not found the time to go shopping for diapers and presents for her young kids. Very rewarding for both parties! Of course this would work with any mother with young kids that you think would be in need of a break. If you are the one that needs a break, I have been there. There will be a time when you are able to serve others more. Don't forget serving your own small kids IS serving others! :)"


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  1. Last summer, I was in the grocery store to just get a couple things while we were out on our walk. My oldest was walking and I had the toddler and baby in a double wide stroller. Well, the stroller girls were getting cranky and voicing it loudly. I was a bit flustered and wanted to get out quickly. I clipped the side of a beef jerky display and it toppled over. Great! I started to hurry and pick it up when a sweet old lady told me she would do it. She said that I needed to be with my kids and not to worry about it. I know it seems so simple, but someone noticed me and cared about me. A stranger. That was a sweet act of kindness.


Share your questions, comments, and compliments...we like 'em all! :) Don't be shy: we want to hear from YOU! Plus, you can let this lady know her story was heard--I promise your comment means a lot to her!

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