December 18, 2012

About "Swag on, momma!"

Hey, hey!  I'm Amy, creator of Swag on, Momma.  Welcome! 

This is a fun, relaxed place for women to connect with each other--a place where we can talk about the things that mean the most to us!  

Many ladies have stories, projects, talents, and advice to share, but they don't necessarily want to start their own, I wanted to make a platform for their voices to be heard!  We ALL have something to offer.  I mean it!

Here at SOM, some of the posts will be by me, but there will also be many guest posts from amazing, busy, loving ladies, JUST LIKE YOU!

Here's my little jaundiced baby...and my gray sweats. 
The idea for this blog came about when I became a momma.  It was not an easy transition for me.  I felt frazzled and very isolated.  "Who the heck have I become?!" I wondered desperately.  Was I forever changed into a sleep-deprived, worried, emotional, crazy woman who wore the same gray, spit-up covered sweats everyday?  I loved my baby, but, man was I lonely.  It was hard to go anywhere with a brand new infant, so I was always at home.  Plus, I was not confident as a mom, and my baby cried so much. (reflux)  I was soooo discouraged.

After time passed, I found my momma groove, and my baby and I figured out how to live this new life, get out of the house, and be happy!  Thankfully, I found that I was the same person--I still loved to hang out with friends, create art, sing, go to plays and movies... and my husband and I started kissing again! (haha, it was a little rough to feel romantic when we were both exhausted and I was hooked up to a breast pump all the time...ha!)

I realized that I could be a good momma and still enjoy my friendships, talents, and hobbies.  I just had to be more creative to find the time!  So an online hangout became a convenient way for me and other women to find snatches of time in our busy, chaotic days to reconnect to others and to ourselves.

My heart especially goes out to new mommas, and I hope that this can be a place for them to feel loved and momma, it gets better, I promise!  But, this isn't just a mommy club--all women are invited, whatever stage of life they are in!  We don't just talk about potty-training and birth stories, I promise. ;)  All women bring needed and appreciated perspectives.

So, new friend, thanks for stopping by!  Please Like and Follow, (buttons on the right column of the blog) so you can be part of the party.  :)  Also, add your comments and ideas, don't be shy.  We're glad you're here!  :)  

Keep swaggin' on!

For the long story of how SOM came to be...

My life drastically changed when I went from a hugely pregnant girl to a first-time momma of Hayden, my beautiful baby boy...who wouldn't stop screaming.  I found myself in the house all the time, I was no longer teaching high school/jr high art, my son cried day and night, and above all, I felt SO inadequate at my newly acquired role of "mother".  I probably bawled as much as him.  I kept thinking, “  There should be a support group for new moms.” 

Because it was hard to leave the house, I knew it had to be some kind of online mommas group.  Therefore, I started thinking about a blog.  I missed talking with people (my husband had to work long hours managing a restaurant) and I craved being social again. (Well...beyond Facebook...ha!)  Also, I desperately needed a creative outlet.  

Over a couple months, the idea for a mom support-group blog kept cookin’ in my head.  By this time, I felt much more comfortable in my role as a mom and my son was much happier. (Hallelujah!)  I realized I wanted to make a blog that would be much more than just a place for new mommas to vent.  

I dreamed of creating a platform for MANY women to connect, encourage each other, share their experiences and ideas, and be heard.  

I knew I didn’t want it to be only about MY life and ideas--cause I know so many women and moms who are amazing and know a lot more than me!  With many contributors, we'd get to hear lots of unique perspectives.  Sweet, huh?

Another goal I had for this blog, was to keep it from becoming fake.  I believe in being authentic and sharing the REAL stuff in life, stuff from the heart.  And though the perfect birthday decor or the most fabulous outfits are super fun to read and write about, birthdays in my house are usually a cake made from a Betty Crocker mix with a couple balloons taped to the wall, and my fashion consists of wearing my favorite jeans/t-shirts over and over, often accessorized by spit-up spots and snot streaks.  Ha!  That is my REAL life.   

I get so discouraged when I compare myself to a lady who rocks at hosting amazing parties or another lady who makes incredible gourmet meals.  The truth is, I have my own strengths, just like you do.  I may struggle to make even a grilled cheese sandwich without burning it and I can't sew worth beans, but I LOVE decorating my home and I can reach out to other people.  And, I'm getting better at loving my strengths instead of being consumed by what I'm NOT good at.  Also, I've met some of these amazing, talented women behind a few well-known blogs, and they are just as human as I am!   

So, at SOM, instead of competing and comparing, let’s remember that we ALL have worth.  It becomes fun to celebrate others' strengths, when you're not comparing and feeling defensive about your own!  

And, that's so much happier, don't you think?

So, those were my lofty concepts for a blog.  But putting them into reality was little more tricky than dreaming them up.

After about 9 months (go figure!) of researching, thinking, anxieting, praying, and planning, this blog was born.  And like a wee little babe, it has grown over time and is thriving thanks to YOU amazing readers!  Thank you so much for your support, comments, contributions, and love.  It means so much to me! 

As for the title, you may ask, "Why 'Swag on'?"  I picked this name because it shows we have fun in our roles as mommas and we’re cheering each other on.  And, though the name says "Momma" I want single ladies and married ladies without kiddios to know they are wanted and welcome at SOM--you too have knowledge and experiences to share! :)

Around here, new posts go up twice a week, (usually Tues/Thurs) with one post written by me and another by a fabulous guest-poster. (Hey, do YOU have a story to contribute? You totally should.  Here's how.  It's cool, I promise!)  To read how I picked the topics on the tabs, check out the post, "What Does This Nice German Man have to do with This Blog?".
For the ladies who are new here, Welcome!  I am so glad you are here!  We have a lot of fun.  :)
Be sure to "like" or "follow" so you can join in the party! 

Also, we'd love to hear your comments. A post is the jumping off point for more conversation, so don't be shy. :)  *A general heads-up: we are not here to argue or put others down, so hurtful comments will be deleted.  No mommy wars! 

Topics here are super varied, from silly to serious. Look around to find what interests you!  Many subjects are about kids and mom stuff, but plenty address common interests of all women.  Everyone is invited!  (Except for mommy war instigators, ha!)

Come on in, and Swag on with us! :)



  1. Just so you know, Amy, I love your blog! I think you and I are having similar experiences in the mom world since we had our babies about the same time. I turned to blogging too as an outlet, and it has been awesome. I really appreciate you taking the time to make this blog. I know myself, as well as other women, need things like this to pick us up and show each other support.

    1. Thanks so much Sarah! It is good to know that others appreciate what you do--I appreciate you appreciating! :)

      Yep, it is so nice to interact with other ladies and share's been fun to see your life across the country through your blog! :) Yeah, being a mom means you have to get creative for social interaction...haha.

  2. just found you, loving it so far! :) following on FB

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you did! :) Welcome, Paula!


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