December 31, 2012

What Does This Nice German Man Have to do with This Blog?

By Amy

Are you super curious? was a quote by him that inspired me in choosing the tabs across the top of this bloggy-blog.  Here's his quote (I really love it!):

“We would do well to slow down a little…focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most.” 

Deiter F. Uchtdorf, he's a nice lookin old man, huh?

So what are these golden things that matter most?  Hmmmmm…


He continues, “As we turn to our Heavenly Father and seek His wisdom regarding the things that matter most, we learn over and over again the importance of four key relationships:
with our God,
with our families,
with our fellowman,
and with ourselves.”
by Deiter F. Uchtdorf (an amazing man and religious leader with a really cool German accent).

A major goal of mine in starting this blog is to having meaningful conversations about REAL things--the things that matter most.  So, after thinking about this quote I decided to make the first 4 tabs correspond with those 4 relationships. 

Side Note:
I need to clarify the purpose of the Faith tab—this is where we will talk about our personal experiences that bring us closer to God…ladies of all religions are welcome!  Even if you don’t belong to a specific religion, we want to hear about experiences with God.  And, if you don’t believe in God, hey, there are plenty of other tabs and topics! 

Now where were we?  Oh yeah…

Like I was saying, the things that matter most: Too much in life is superficial and material.  When we look back at our lives, it will be the people we loved, the good we did, and who we became that will count…not our clothes size or how much money we made. 

And while it’s fun to talk about hair, makeup, and clothes, there is SO much more to each of us, then what we look like. 

That being said…life is also meant to have tons of joy and fun!  So the “just for fun” tab celebrates the dumb, silly, little things that make us happy.  For example: finding the perfect mascara, scoring a sweet pair of pants at Goodwill, getting the pictures on the living room wall juuuuuust right, or achieving a new personal best for push-ups (I’m up to 8…don’t hate, I’ve actually come a long way!).  We’ll also share hilarious stories and quotes that come from our kids and our life. 

Talents and hobbies will also be covered.  They enrich life and make up a big part of who we are—they should be celebrated! 

Another tab will talk about the daily stuff involved in running a home that’s not big and glorious in the grand scheme of things, but must be done and can be done gloriously! (cooking, cleaning, decorating, etc.)

Last of all, under the Swaggin’ Ladies tab, we will get a little bio about each of the contributing writers for S.O.M. along with links to their posts.  And let me tell you, there are gonna be some cool ladies!

So that, my friends, is a little nitty-gritty about what these tabs entail.  Can you tell I am excited?  Cause I am.  WOO!


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