December 29, 2012

Hey! I'm Amy, Creator of S.O.M.

I'm Amy.  I live in Ideeho with my Patty-man and son (besides Puddin, I also call him Baber, Son, Stinky, Tinky…his nick-names evolve…).  I am a native Idahoan. (yep, I know: potatoes…I worked in spud harvest all 4 years of high school and our mascot is the Russet—which is a type of potato. Hah!)   

I grew up way out in the country with my cool family, a massive tree house, and I moved lots of pipe.  I was constantly in trouble for doodling in school.  I decided to stop getting yelled at for drawing, so I studied Art in college.  After graduating, I taught Jr. high/High school art—It worries me how well I get along with Jr high kids.  What does this say about my level of maturity? Hmmm…
My cool, funny, and bald husband, Patrick, is in grad school studying Physical Therapy (we are living off of student loans...yipee.) while I take care of our babe, Hayden, by day and teach art classes for kids, teens, and adults by night.  I also do some face-painting and mural painting, cause I'm random like that.  Oh...and I love to read books and blogs (when I should be doing more productive sleeping) and I love to obsess over decorating my house.  (I need therapy!)

My little family!

I am Christian (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints aka Mormon)--I am trying to be a good person and please my Heavenly Father!  I love people and their stories.  My family told tales constantly--exaggerating, interrupting, and laughing till the tears were pouring; there’s not much I like better than hearing other people’s stories and telling my own.  So, welcome to S.O.M and thanks for being part of the story!

Patrick and I doing the big mouth bass!  Ha, we look like twinners!
My favorite shirt, which inspired the name of this blog!

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  1. Love the bio...and great idea for the blog! That is awesome!


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