January 8, 2013

A Big, Warm Slice of Thanks and Some Credit Where it is Due.

Hey!  It’s Amy. 

Yesterday an awesome thing happened. 

I was SO nervous to debut this blog.  I wondered, what if nobody cares or likes it?  What if I am boring and have nothing to say?  Are the ladies involved going to be disappointed in me if nobody reads the blog?  Am I going to be disappointed in myself? 

But, when I finally pulled back the curtain and revealed the blog, my friends and family, even acquaintances cheered it on.  And they shared it with others, and then THEIR friends and family and acquaintances cheered it on. 

Thank you. 

I am so happy that you are loving the stories written by all the amazing contributors.  Aren’t they cool!?  There will be many more contributors and many more stories. 

Lots of people “liked” the blog and gave me sweet comments, like "good idea!” and “nice work!”  But, I must say—though I did put a lot of work and time in (just ask Patrick! Haha...he’s finished like three seasons of 24 since I started blogging in the evenings…)—when it comes to the idea for the blog, I need to give credit where credit is due. 

When I decided I go ahead and join the world of blogging I was unsure of how to move forward.  Here was my dilemma:  I didn’t want to start something that wasn’t going to be a good use of my time.  Even if it was something fun, I couldn’t spend my time doing something meaningless.  I wanted to bring some good into the world.  But how?

One day, in my morning prayers, I told Heavenly Father that I wanted to start a blog, but I needed His help to make it worthwhile. 

With Hayden and my Patty-man. 

  A few hours later, I was talking to Patrick about starting a blog (he is so patient when I start talking "blog"--I know he's had enough when his eyes start to glaze over, but most of the time, he listens! ha!)  I explained the idea of a place for many women to blog, not just me!  I told him that every woman deserves to tell her story, and hopefully, every women who feels lonely, isolated, or just wants to make more friends would feel love on this happy little spot out in cyber space.  Women need women. 
Here’s the crazy part:  I never even thought of this idea before I started telling him.  The words just came out of me as they were pouring into my head.  After I told him, I was like, “WOW.  That is a really cool idea!” cause it was new to me too!  I was grinning like a crazy person—I was SO super excited.

Now, this isn’t some miraculous Joan of Arc thing where God sent me on some Holy Quest, but I believe any time we desire to do good and pray for help, God will provide us with opportunities.  And He did!  So, while I am SO grateful for your support and love, I have to tell you that I borrowed the idea from the source of all inspiration, my Heavenly Father.   

I hope that it is ok to tell you this story.  I know not everyone believes in God, and that this is a place for people of all beleifs, but this my story and this is who I am.  And, though I am putting myself out there, and I'm not gonna lie, it makes me a weee bit nervous...I can't take credit, when I don't deserve it!  :)

SO...Thanks again, friends!

P.S.  There's gonna be more than one post a week for a little bit, since we are starting out...just want to prepare you!  An post from my sister about her super unique home decor style is on it's way!  Stay tuned! :)


  1. You seriously amaze me!!!...divine inspiration at its best:)

  2. I love this post. I commend you for taking the risk and putting yourself out there and sharing such a special experience/relationship with your Heavenly Father.

    I think you worded the whole thing perfectly, and I love that the inspiration and idea just flowed- and you recognized that it wasn't from you. :)

    1. Thank you Tracy! Yep, not from me...and getting credit was weighing on my mind!


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