June 4, 2013

Talent: Kasie's Fab Cake Decorationg!

Kasie's a sweet momma who took a cake decorating class and realized that she has a real passion for it! 

She loves making amazing cakes for birthdays and just decorated her first wedding cake for her sister's reception...

Here's some of her classy cakes!

Good work, Kasie! 

(check out Kasie's SOM post, "Workin' on my Fitness...Mommy Style!")

Fancy, huh?!  These are much more aesthetically pleasing than ghetto Betty Crocker box cakes...ha!
I love the incredible roses!  Thanks, Kasie, for sharing!

YOU'VE got talents, too...send me an email (amy.the.graham{at}gmail.com) so you can share your hard work that you're darn proud of.  Don't be shy; We'd love to see and cheer you on!  :)

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