June 6, 2013

I'm an Addict and I Need Help.

By Amy

It's summertime...Which, for me, means: out-of-control book binging, baby!  Are you a book-aholic, too?  Ah, what a wonderful affliction. :)

A great book will make you ignore even the most basic human necessities.  You don't want to sleep, eat, interact with other humans, or....well, go to the bathroom; nothing else matters--you are totally consumed with the story.  (Remember when I told you in my Home Tour that sometimes when I'm reading, I'll finally go to the bathroom, but then I just end up sitting on the toilet for a hundred pages before I realize that my bum is cold and falling asleep? Ha...admit it, you do too!)

Then there's period after the book... (when I am still not very productive).  You know what I mean--that delicious feeling when you are still under story's spell--it can last for days after reading it!  You are re-living the best moments, mulling the story over and over--not wanting to let go, though the book is done.  Lots of times I go back and re-read the best parts, reading slowly and savoring it since I'm no longer reading full-speed, gobbling up the story, like the first time though.  Ahhh.  I love a good book.

Here's the problem, I have a baby to take care of!  And it's not like when I read I think, "Oh, I can hear my baby crying, but I'm just going to ignore him."  Nope.  I don't even hear my baby crying!  (Isn't that sad!?)

I've escaped into the world of the book.  Don't get me wrong, I love my life and my hubby and my baby...it's just, my life is pretty chill and simple.  It's fun to live the cool, exciting stuff in a book--to put myself in another person's story.  Then I come back into my own world, and I'm grateful for the characters and setting of my own tale.  

When I read a love story (a good one, I'm a bit picky), I revel in it and wallow in sappy happiness...It makes me think of my own love story.  Then, when I finish the book, I run to Partick and get all cuddly--he just laughs at me and thinks I'm a weirdo.

My son, the budding bookworm. I'm so proud! :)
Reading is great--but ignoring family, friends, and the necessities of life is NOT.  It can be a challenge to read responsibly!  But, the first step is recognizing the problem.  I've realized that I am a book-aholic, and I need help.

To make matters worse, I am in a super cool book club, and we all enable each other in our book addiction!  These ladies tell me about amazing books, lend me books, and worst of all....get me hooked on series!   HELLO!  I can't do SERIES!  They take over my life till I finish them!  (I don't think I spoke to my husband for three days when I devoured "The Hunger Games.")

Ok, Ok...I'm sure you know I am NOT upset with these ladies for "torturing" me with amazing reads.  We have tons of fun and I've read some incredible books from their suggestions.

Which leads me to an announcement...drumroll... Throughout this summer, these super cool ladies in my book club agreed to tell write book reviews, telling us about their favorite books!  (I will add a few too!)

Ladies of book club!  (Minus a couple who couldn't make it that night...we still love you!)
I am super stoked for you to meet my friends and hear their recommendations!

So, I guess I will add to the book-addicts' problem by supplying more excellent books to read.  I'm sorry.

Please, proceed with caution, read responsibly, take care of your children, and try not to pull all-nighters (or only occasionally).  Cause for me, the next morning, when I'm suffering from a reading hangover (picture me sitting in my pjs, hair askew, mouth slightly hanging open, staring dazed at the wall while my crying toddler tugs on my clothes) I always wish that I'd shut my dang book at midnight.

*Sigh*...Someday, I hope I learn self-control.  :)

Ps. Are you a book nerd?  Let's hear about your reading addiction.  (Maybe I'll feel better...Ha!)  How bad has it gotten?

Pss. What are you reading this summer? 

Psss. Moms, how do you fit in reading now that you have kiddios?  I'd love to hear! :)

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  1. I recently discovered a way to force myself into a little more moderation when it comes to reading. I got a day care pass at the rec center down the road. I could drop off the girlie for an hour at a time for 20 times I think. I only allowed myself to read while I was on the treadmill or stationary bike. I made myself leave the book in the car so I wouldn't read again until I went back to the rec center. The False Prince got me working out several times a week. :) Then I had another baby and I'm not quite ready to drop him off at the day care. Once it's chilly outside again...I'm determined to get back to it.

    1. Lacey, that is GENIUS! What a great incentive to exercise! I need to get play books on my ipod, cause when I try to read when I'm on the treadmill, I loose my balance. (I'm a klutz.)

  2. I wish I could say I'm a book nerd... I've gotten into reading a lot more since graduating college but I haven't been choosing very scholarly books like my idea of a true book nerd would do. I pretty much stay in the youth fantasy section... I just finished The Book Thief (not youth fantasy haha) and now I'm working on The Golden Compass for a second time and Fablehaven. After that I'm considering Anthem... have you read any of Ayn Rand's books?? Also... are you on good reads?? If you are we definitely need to connect so I can get some more books on my to-read list. (:

    1. I love young adult! I rarely venture outside of it--I like that there's not as much swearing or sex. Yes, I'm on goodreads...I just don't really keep up with it! It's a great tool, though! I'm going to write a couple book reviews this summer, so you'll see some of my favs! :)

  3. I agree with Katelyn - I dont stray far from the youth fantasy section! My favorites lately are all the books from Cassandra Clare. She has two different series, and the first book in one of them comes out as a movie in August!!

    I loved your description of the book hangover, it happens to me more than I like to admit... :)

    1. Hmmmm, I need to check out Cassandra Clare. I LOVE young adult too! Ha, yeah, book hangovers, had one yesterday morning!

  4. Josh and I are TOTAL book addicts, though only he does the whole "I can't hear you when I'm reading" thing. The last time I went to the library, it had been 8 months (yes I counted them!) since going last and I got 13 books and finished them all in the 3 week window before the due date.
    If you haven't read Divergent or its sequel Insurgent, I definitely recommend them. Also, the last book in the trilogy, Allegiant, is coming out this year. It's a hunger games type book in that it takes place after a revolution of sorts and is set in Chicago.

    1. Oh, cool, Divergent is on my list...I am so excited! Thanks, Kayla! And 13 books in 3 weeks is impressive! :)

  5. Total book addict - case in point, I have about 10 unread books sitting on my desk right now for summer reading, and I just got back from Barnes and Noble with another book, only to find a package from amazon had arrived while I was out..... OH MY! Anyway, I am super excited to read Quiet, And the Mountains Echoed, May Cause Miracles, and Bring Up The Bodies. I am also a high school teacher, so I have so much more time now. I usually read when the kids nap, and always before bed. So glad I found your blog!

    1. Sarah, sounds like you have your hands full! I want to read "Quiet" too; I am the opposite of an introvert, though I am married to one, and would love to better understand that way of thinking. And, I LOVED your post on tantrums! Ha! I'm glad you found my blog too! Let's be friends. :)

  6. When Trent was getting his master's a few years ago, I had not read any of the Harry Potter books yet. So I borrowed the books thinking I could read in the evenings when he was gone, after the kids were in bed so I just wasn't watching TV. I read them all in a few weeks. I was addicted! Yes, the house was a lot messier than normal and we ate cereal a lot more. Haha. I love books but because I get too addicted, I am sad to say I haven't read a book since. I read religious books but those are never addicting...haha. Read Harry Potter was keeping me from being a good mom and wife. Maybe someday, I can get self-control or wait until all my kids are in school :) Whichever comes first...so 3 years till Bree starts kindergarten!

    1. Ha...yes, that series is SOOO addicting! Your comment about religious books made me laugh, I am the same way...I read some, and learn a lot, but they're aren't addicting like other kinds of books.

      Well, in three years lets have book parties!


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