May 28, 2013

Have You Seen my Brain? It Seems to be Missing.

-by Amy

I've recently come to the conclusion that I am an A.D.D. mother. 

Constantly, I forget (usually because I'm lost in thought) important tasks that involve caring for my child.  Isn't that terrible!?  It isn't by choice, I promise!  I WANT to be a good, on-the-ball mom, but MAN, I feel like my brain has oozed out of my ears. (probably liquified while pushing so hard during labor...ha!)   I feel like I can't keep track of the simplest things, and many times a day, I ask myself silly questions, such as: Did I feed Hayden lunch?  How long has he been asleep?  When is the last time I changed him? 

And, many times, I cannot remember the answer to these simple questions.

Poor child.  I hate it when he's running around and I notice pee is soaking through his pants, cause I'm the genius who forgot to change his diaper after his nap.

This forgeting freaks me out.  Early dementia?  Alzheimers?  And, what's going to happen when I'm 60?  Or 70?  If I'm already this bad, somebody better put a micro-chip tracker on me, cause I'll probably end up being the old lady who's skinny-dipping across town in a stranger's hot-tub.

In my bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom, I keep a stash of post-it notes with a pencil, so I can write write down important things to remember....things which I'm sure I would forget again if I had to go hunt for a post-it. 

The sad thing is, I've always considered myself an educated and decently intelligent human being. (except in math...)  So, it is quite humbling when I realize, I can't remember if I fed my son!  Oy. 

Once, I tuned on the water to let it get hot so I could make my son a bottle.  Then I noticed the bathroom door was open so I went to shut it (Hayden likes to chuck things in the toilet).  When I got there, I saw the used pile of towels on the counter, which reminded me I needed to start the washer.  So I grabbed the laundry and sorted the colors/whites, and started up a load.  I walked back into the kitchen, and too my surprise, saw that hot water was running.  Then *palm to forehead* I realized it had been running this whole time!  Let me tell you, the water was good and hot.

Stuff like that happens multiple times a day.  Not to mention missed appointments.  Or the fact that I probably wash my hair three times every shower, cause I can't remember if I already used shampoo or not.  (I just get lost in my own thoughts!  Most of my blog posts are composed in the shower...ha!)

Ok, wasting hot water and shampoo is harmless.  Missing appointments is inconvenient, annoying,  and a bit embarrassing, but there's not too much harm done.  But, what about the times my forgetfulness puts my son in danger?

One time, while leaving on a walk with a friend, I forgot to buckle Hayden into the straps of his stroller.  As we walked, he slowly slid out while we chatted away.  The worst part is, I didn't even notice till my friend hollered, "Oh my gosh, You baby is falling out!!!"  His legs and bum were slid all the way off the stroller, with just his back and head still in.  Poor boy!  Good thing my friend is more observant than me.

THEN, I did the same thing with a high chair at my parent's house!  I was talking to my cousins while we ate dinner.  When Haden was done eating, I pulled the tray off of his high chair to go wash it in the sink.  But, because the buckles are weird on that chair, I'd just plunked him in, without bothering to buckle (dumb move, momma).  He slowly slid out and one of my cousin's husbands grabbed him before he hit the floor.  I came back to see Hayden in his arms, and immediately I knew what happened.  My heart lurched--in a flash I imagined how the situation COULD have played out with my baby crashing to the floor.  I took him into my arms, hugging him tight.  I was so grateful, and horrified, tell the truth, pretty embarrassed.  I thanked my cousin's husband, with my face flushing bright red, then rushed away.  I thought, "WHAT KIND OF A MOTHER AM I!?"

Ha, my cousins were probably wondering, "Is this woman capable of taking care of a child?"

And, since I'm putting this all out there, I'm so ashamed to admit several times I've strapped my child into his carseat, then forgot to belt it down to the car's back seat...or visa versa: belted the carseat down, then forgot to strap my baby into it!  When I park my car at home, and go to get my cute baby out of his seat, there he is without his straps on, wiggling and smiling!!!  YIKES!!!  All I can do is shake my head, be grateful we weren't in a wreck and and think, "Woman, you done LOST YOUR MIND!"

"MOM BRAIN."  source:
Oh man, I'm gonna be that mother who drives off, leaving one of their kids at the gas station, while on a road trip.  I don't doubt that.  I just wonder how long I will drive before realizing it!

I sure hope my child reaches adulthood and survives having me as a mother.  Well, I may forget to feed him, but I sure love him.  :)

Friends, if you can relate to these stories, I'm sorry to say, you may be an A.D.D. momma...Join the club.  (We'd hold a get-together, but..ya, know, everybody would forget to come.)

P.S. I'd love to hear your A.D.D. mom experiences...please tell me I'm not the only one!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! You terrible mom! JUST KIDDING!!! I cant tell you how many times I've forgotten to buckle in one of my kids. The highchair, stroller, pickup - if it has buckles, I've forgotten it! Tytan has freaked me out many times by looming over my shoulder until I notice him and almost wreck! There was another time he was buckled in to his chair, but not to the pickup. When I took a corner he and his carseat went rolling across the backseat!!!! Gah!! I was on the phone with my dad and he almost died laughing at me! Another time I was at the d.i. with my kids, my sister and her kids. I was wearing flip flops, and (this is so gross!) I could feel something dripping on my feet. I thought Tytan was spilling his juice so I started yelling at him, only to realize Zoeys diaper had just EXPLODED! It was amazing. Disgusting, but amazing! Haha - I forgot to change her all day! I always forget which one got their teeth brushed, when I last bathed them, and sometimes I'll get one kid a sippy cup and forget the other one in the kitchen! Poor things! Plus I always seem to burn dinner.

    I always do the A.D.D. things too like turning the water on, putting in laundry, running garbage out, changing a stinky diaper, then going back to a kitchen with water ready to spill over and the fridge wide open. Its super fun...

    I love your idea about the post its, they help so much! I'm glad I'm not the only one with mom-brain!! :) Thanks for the hilarious post, Amy!!!

    1. Hahah! Puke on your foot....OHHH, NASTY! And, yeah, burning dinner is my favorite trick, too!

      Maddie, you make me laugh so hard. I can not get over the exploding diaper....HA! Thanks for the awesome comment! :) So good to know I'm no the only one.

  2. Um yeah I have been having MAJOR crazy-brain lately. And for some reason the worst incidences happen when we are feeding the elders... they probably think I'm absolutely nuts. For example, they moved a piece of furniture up from our garage while I was doing the dishes from dinner a few weeks back. I heard them coming and went to open the door and move stuff for them and of course I got distracted and after a while of chatting and such I started to hear water spilling onto the kitchen floor. Yeah, totally overflowed the sink by a few gallons. Or how about the next time we had leftover cake so I attempted to take some to the neighbors and completely ran into my own front door, smearing chocolate frosting everywhere... heavens, at least it's usually pretty funny stuff, right??

    1. HAHAHAHA! OH man, water awful! And hilarious! Hey, it's cool...we can all blame it on having a baby, right? (OH wait, I've been this way forever.) Thanks for your comment! :)

  3. I use this and it works like a charm!

    1. Cool! Thanks, Tracy, I need to try that!

  4. We have all been there and after three kids I am a little better, but still there. Right now my current thought process is how many days has it been since I brushed the kids teeth?..mmmm...or do they have clean undies on? Your kid will live and you are a great mom!

    1. Haha...oh no, I am afraid for more than one! And, brushing teeth...oy. Ha, thanks, Brittany!

  5. LOL! What a great read, thanks for sharing. You wouldn't be a real mom if you didn't have things like this happen.
    Marcie @ I Gotta Try That


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