May 24, 2013

Talent: Bald Art

-By Amy

Remember the "Talent Tab"?  It is the place where YOU get to showcase talents and projects you're darn proud of!  Cause, let's face it, our kids get lots of attention for their talents, but us adult appreciate some oohing and ahhing too. :)

So, submit a pic and/or description of your talent/accomplishment (amy.the.graham [at] so we can cheer you on..we'd love to see your talents! (Real, serious, ridiculous, and silly talents...we like them all!)  So send em in, friends!

My talent today?  Bald art.

I always thought I would marry a guy with great hair.  I had so much fun styling my brother's and guy friends' hair.

But, my dream guy ended up being bald.  (He started going bald at age 16...seriously, all the guys in his family/extended family are bald.  The genes are so strong!)

And, it's not like I'd let a little hair keep me from the guy I wanted to be with forever!

So, though my husband is bald, that hasn't stopped me from creating many amazing "works of art".  Enjoy!

Oh, and I wouldn't trade Patrick for the hairiest-headed guy in the world.  True dat.



"The Mountain Trail"


"Minimalist Stripes"

"Yin and the Yang"

Ps. It's harder than it looks!  He's such a good sport, but he would NEVER keep the designs, so they only lived long enough for a pic.  :)  He bics it now, so no more art.  Ha...oh well.  What do you think of my "art"?  :)


  1. Haha! This is awesome, Amy! The "My love" one is my favorite.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Yeah, I was quite proud of that one myself... :)

  2. I think I spy a typo. I really don't think you WOULD trade him fir the hairiest guy, would you?

    1. HAhahahaHAHAHAHAH....oh man, I bout died when I saw. Ha! How sad! No,no, I would never trade him. THANKS for the heads up! :)

  3. This is so great! Someday I'll convince Todd to let me cut his hair... unfortunately it may not be in this lifetime.

    1. Hah...good luck. Maybe if you show him these pics he will be convinced. :)

  4. Oh my heck, what a sweetheart to let you do that!! :) Jake gets nervous just when I trim his "neard" in back. If I showed him these he'd never let me near him with clippers again! Haha!!

    1. He doesn't need to know, just start buzzing! Ha!


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