August 20, 2013

DIY Decor: String Balls....possibly THE most obnoxious craft project of all time.

Hey friends!  I'm playing craft blogger again, and it's another weird craft with no function other than hanging.  WOO! (Here's the first one for those who missed it...)

So, a while ago I had the bright idea of making a string ball.  I found this pic on Pinterest, which had them used as decor at a reception.

Source: Wedding 101
I saw this pic and thought, "Dang.  I want one of those balls in my living room." and "That's a lotta antlers."  I checked out tutorials (Pinterest is overflowing with String Ball DIYs) and geared up for what I knew would be a fabulously fun crafting fest! 

But, it actually kind of sucked.  Ya know how some crafts are pretty enjoyable to make?  Not this one...ughhh.  But, it's ok, cause I liked the end result!  Here were my steps, but in pretty vague terms (if you want a real step-by-step tutorial, there are tons out there all of which are much more detailed than mine...this one I found funny, and this one was helpful)...

First, I set up a good spot.  I did this at my parent's home while we were visiting, since they have a dining room table and a chandelier where my creation could hang undisturbed.

A bunch ball balloon (the round kind with the huge rubber bands)
Elmers glue and corn starch, mixed with a little water (no measurements, just mix some up)
Vaseline to coat your punch balloon with beforehand
Tinfoil, to cover your workspace (or a sheet, or newspaper, yada yada)
Music or a Movie to keep you sane!

Then, drag the string through the goop and start winding in around the ball!

Are you kidding me?!?  I feel like I've been winding string around this ball for ages!
Guess who woke up from his nap?

I don't really love doing this craft.  Can you tell?  Sticky, nasty mess.

Getting there....

I almost ran out of glue, so I used a pickle fork to dredge the string with.  I ran the string though the tines to keep it down to the very bottom of the tin, to soak up the last of the glue crap.

The next morning!  The balloon popped in the night and was all shriveled up on the table under the ball.  Convenient, huh?

I had to clean out some of the dried glue stuff.

Then, I took it home, and realised it was too cream--it almost disappeared against the cream ceiling and tan wall of my living room.  I needed it to be white so it could stand out and get the glory it deserved!  So, while watching a dance documentary on Netflix (I love documentaries!)  I used a sponge brush to blot on white paint.  It took a good while, but the movie kept me from going banannas.

Drumrollllll....The End Result!

Can you see it?  Ha!  Maybe I need some antlers.
I think it's subtle, but fun!  What do you think?

Have you ever made a string ball?  Did you find it tedious and kinda nasty, too?  Now I'm really glad I didn't try to make a hundred for my reception.

Ps.  Here's my new signature/pic/farewell to put at the end of posts written by me.  Do you likey?  I maxed out my Photoshopping knowledge creating this...ha!


  1. I think it turned out awesome!! I laughed at the "does it stand out? Maybe I need some antlers..." :) And your pic giving the thumbs-down is way more realistic than most tutorials! Haha

  2. I love this craft. So fantastic and so creative as well! This is one of the few creations I love so much. These string balls are perfect decors for patios. I would really love to try this soon. My kids will surely love this craft, too. Thanks!



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