August 15, 2013

DIY Decor: Scale Lanterns!

By Amy

I know it sounds weird, but you're intrigued--admit it! :)

We have a load of paper lanterns left over from our backyard wedding reception; for a while I was trying to figure out a way to use some of them in our bedroom, but I wanted to make them different...ya know, a little more unique than just paper lanterns.  After perusing some cool (and some very strange) ideas for modifying paper lanterns on Pinterest, I decided I'd try paper circles.  I dubbed these, "Scale lanterns".  I used soft tans and creams, for a light, neutral look, since our bedroom has a dark wood bed, and a navy blue comforter.  There were a lot of darks going on.   

SO, here's the process, then the end result! 

First, cut out circles of differnt sizes and colors (I chose three colors)  Don't look too close at the shapes of the circles...I free-handed, cause I don't have any fancy shape cutters.  I didn't even trace the circles with a pencil first...Ain't nobody got time for that!!!

Then, grab your hot glue gun and start gluin!  Start at the top and overlap the shapes on the way down.  This is a very annoying/tedious step, so I recommend some Netflix.

Be sure to make a big mess while you're at it.

I mixed my plain lanterns with a scale lantern (yeah, I didn't have the patience to do them all.)  But three just wasn't enough!
I made one more scale lantern and ....

BA BAM: The finished product!

Well, thar she be!  I hoped you liked the random, bare bones tutorial.  (I'm no craft blogger.)  

That was my fun way to dress up boring white lanterns.  I love the unexpected texture in our room!  So, do you have any other ideas for pimping out paper lanterns?  I'd love to hear!

Ps. What do you think of these?  Weird looking or cool?  Patrick thought they were goofy lookin' but now he just says, "Whatev." Ha!  I win! :)


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Thanks, friends! :)