February 14, 2013

Meet Kendra!

I'm Kendra. I am married to a wonderful man who gives me back massages and amazing hugs. He pretty much saved my life. We'll be married for two years this October. We love to travel, eat, and watch movies. If we didn't love our families and Idaho, we would be beach bums. 

I've always wanted to be a vegan but don't have the guts for it. I have a major sweet tooth and need a cure. 

I grew up on a farm in Idaho. I've got an amazing family and a large amount of nieces and nephews. We had lots of cows and I spent my Saturdays walking around in cow manure. It is probably due to this that I decided I loved every day but Saturday. This started my adoration of school. I love learning and being challenge intellectually. I've always been fascinated with politics. However, my love of creating won. I studied art at BYUI-I and wish I could learn more. Someday I want to get my masters. Currently, I'm enjoy my job teaching art at a high school but really want to get big, fat and pregnant some time soon. We are excited to start a family. 

I'm LDS, or Mormon. I love my Heavenly Father.

Read Kendra's Intro and SOM post, "From Hell to Heaven: Giving Love a Second Chance."

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