February 26, 2013

Meet Melissa!

Hi, I'm Melissa! 

I currently live in Kemmerer, WY with my husband and four children. (One is still baking in the oven.) 
I play the cello and my husband has a dreamy voice and plays guitar. Lydian is 6 and plays violin, sings and messes around on the piano. Chloe is 4 and plays drums and sings. Esther is 20 months and “sings” and tinkers on the piano. Amy is my awesome cousin! We would go visit them in Idaho for summer vacations and have a blast. The Harker kids were our age and we got along really well. She is so funny and easy to talk to!  I'm glad she asked me to share some ideas with you.

I studied cello performance at the University of Utah. My husband and I played, and still play, a cello/guitar duo and own our own music business. We played professionally throughout the Salt Lake area. I played in the Salt Lake Symphony, Orchestra at Temple Square and Pioneer Theater Company. I had my string quartet and Frank had his jazz band too. We were having a blast! Then the economy tanked and we had to find other work. Now my hubby is a heavy machinery mechanic at a coal mine. We still gig in Salt Lake from time to time. 

Life is good and we plan to make our way back to music as a career somehow. It will probably be in the form of a family band. 

The best "job" I've ever had is being a wife and mother. I love my three sweet little girls that bring me so much joy. I am so blessed to have a husband that is my best friend, loves me and is a crazy musician too. I currently teach a Music Discovery class once a week at the local library for babies up to pre-school age. It is a lot of fun! I try to stay active musically as much as possible in my small town.

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