February 20, 2013

Meet Sarah!

Hi! I’m Sarah Baird, author of Dr. Lorin, Master Sarah, and Baby Miranda. 

Right now, we are living the grad school life at NC State in Raleigh, North Carolina. Lorin is working toward his PhD in physics, and I was working toward an MA in English until my change in plans. Now, I am currently working on a degree in child rearing where I work with a human guinea pig named Miranda Colette Baird. I’m learning all kinds of things with my studies—sleep training, car seat assembly, the art of changing a diaper without being urinated on, and much more. Come on over and visit us to read about my studies in being a first-time mom.

Read Sarah's Intro and first SOM post: "Frumpy Moms are Sexy."

Sarah's Blog: "Dr. Lorin, Master Sarah, and Baby Miranda."

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