February 12, 2013

You Had Me at "Shut Up."

 By Kristina

Jordan and I met in Sunday School. It was incredibly romantic and tenderly sweet. I was teaching the class, and it was the first Sunday of the semester. Everyone was new, and excited to meet each other. The menfolk were on the prowl for perspectives. Jordan was definitely a part of that. I had made a general comment or two about calming and quieting down. For the most part, it worked. The only person who didn't listen was some punk of a guy sitting in the back row, chatting it up with anything in a skirt. It was irritating. I started my lesson anyway, thinking this guy would get the clue. But he didn't. And it was infuriating. 
Finally, I'd had enough. I pointed to him all the way in the back and said, "Hey you. What's your name?" 
"Jordan." he replied with a grin. He was sure I was into him (or so I believe.) 
"Jordan." I replied. "Shut up." 

And with that, I went back to teaching my lesson. That smirk was long gone, and my sweet husband now admits to going home and asking his roommates, "What was up that teacher's butt??" 

Classy, I know. 

Somehow, we transitioned from that introduction, to a few months later waiting for appointments and chatting. Chatting lead to pizza, pizza lead to dates, dates lead to smooching. And now, almost three years later, it's all lead to marriage, and a baby, and a house. And a dog. We must never forget the dog, no matter how cute said baby is. 

Our first picture together.

The day of our first kiss..(after showers of course.)

And if that isn't the love story of the century, I don't know what is.


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  1. Oh my heck, this is funny. So much for love at first sight! hhahaa

  2. What an awesome story! I'm not sure if you remember us, but my husband and I were in your ward at The Village. It is good to see that you guys are doing great!


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