March 5, 2013

Meet Becca!

I’m Becca.

I’m the middle child of seven kids. Needless to say I’ve been around kids a lot and was the oldest girl at home for several years. If you understand the dynamics of a large family you know that I was basically my mom’s understudy. I always knew I would be a mom. I’m not saying this was forced on me because of my family, but I really enjoyed it and have always been a nurturing, empathetic, peacemaking person. I loved being depended on and caring for others.

In college I studied to become a teacher (Sec. Ed. English and Art) because I love sharing information with others and helping people learn new things. I also knew that if I needed to work outside the home while raising my family, that as a teacher I could have a similar schedule with my kids.

My big family!  (I am on the right side in the pale yellow shirt)
I met my soul mate in 9th grade computer class. I used to tease him a lot. We were both dorks and knew each other at our worst (Have you looked at your Jr. High yearbook picture lately…Yeah, the epitome of awkwardness). We didn’t date until our senior year and mostly after high school. At 21, when we were basically engaged, I realized that he’s had a secret crush on me since 9th grade; I was oblivious to all the signs. He didn’t have the guts to have his friend ask me on a date for him until just before our senior year, which is good. If he was too forward he would have scared me off long ago. He was so awesome, he took me caving on our prom date and I’ve been hooked since.

My little family at Halloween.
 Fast forward to now. We’ve been married nearly nine years. College educations completed, 13 moves, and 2 kids later, we live in central Montana where my hubby manages a recycling center and I’m lucky to be able to stay home with my kiddos. 

I started my own blog: about a year ago as a means to express myself and help other moms on this crazy journey of raising kids. Amy asked me to share some of my ideas here on Swag on, Momma. We have been friends for years. Since our youth she’s been good buddies with my little sister and I hung out a lot with her older sister and brother (shout out for Art Club!). Eventually my older brother was also her brother’s roommate. Over the years our families seemed to blend together. You would almost think we were all cousins!

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