April 18, 2013

Meet Brittany!

I am Brittany.  I am neither swaggin’ nor a mamma yet, but I love to read about all of you moms!  Someday I will need all of the help I can get.

My fiance’ and I met almost six years ago at college in a Business Writing class. (I have forgotten everything I learned.)  Somehow he got my number and decided to text me during class.  Of course, that was against the class rules.  As I was secretly responding to his text, he decided to raise his hand and tell the teacher I was texting.  As you can imagine, I was not impressed.  I wasn’t impressed for several years after that.  Two years ago he still had my number and asked me out.  We have been together ever since and are getting married in July.  The texting episode is now just a funny story that we laugh about.

I work as a financial analyst in Idaho.  I love to run races and eat green smoothies.  I can’t take a normal picture to save my life (really it is very rare).  All of you moms are my heroes.

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