April 23, 2013

Thoughts on Birthdays and Kicking the Bucket (along with How I Ruined My Own Birthday Suprise)

By Amy

So, I just turned 27...the gap to 30 is closing fast!  A few days ago, as I contemplated my birthday, I wondered, "What have I done while my body was in its prime?  Did I run a marathon?  Hike the Grand Teton?  Join a dance company?  Swim the English Channel?"

And, the answer is NO.

To all of the above.

"GREAT," I realized disgustedly..."I BLEW it.  There goes my prime!"  With panic mounting, my thoughts raced and became a little loco: "Physically, it's all downhill from here!  A slippery slope ending in a rest home; it's just a matter of time before I my teeth are removable, I'm pushing a walker, and I'm wearing Depends.  My life is basically over, soon I'll be pooping my pants!  I got one foot in the grave, WHAT THE HECK HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE!!???"

After a few minutes of minor freak-out, I forced myself to take a dang chill pill.  

After all, I am STILL in my 20's. 

And, even though I haven't accomplished incredible physical feats, I feel like I've done a lot in my 27 years!  I lived a happy childhood, survived High School (it was actually pretty fun, but small towns have their share of drama...) I graduated with a Bachelor's degree (LOVED college.) visited Japan, Hawaii, Europe, NYC, and Canada, served a year and a half mission for my church, met and married my hottie bald husband, taught Jr High and High Art, and gave birth to possibly the cutest human child on this planet.  (I'm a little biased.  I guess.)  And, MAN, in my opinion, pushing another person out of my body was a pretty incredible physical feat, thank you very much!  So, it's ok that I haven't climbed Everest.

I also have hope for my future, because I know some super active older people.  My soccer coach, a family friend, is a grandpa (possible a great-grandpa...he's like in his 70s) and has white hair.  He was always out there, showing us drills, and kicking the soccer ball down the field!  So cool.  Once I did Pilates with my mission-president's wife, (who is in her 60's, in incredible shape, and she had 10 KIDS!  No joke.) ...and I was DYING; shaking, red in the face, trying to discreetly gasp for air, while she's next to me, doing all these same moves, acting like this is pleasant.  And she's 60+!

So, there's hope!  I've got to work at staying fit, but it can be done!  I guess I'm not going to be cruisin in a wheelchair just yet.

So...back to my birthday.  It was a good time.  A little lesson to you ladies, if you married a guy who isn't big into planning parties, then don't frustrate yourself by dropping (what YOU think are obvious) hints the whole week before...just tell him straight out what you'd like to do on your birthday!  He wants you to have a great birthday, but he can't read your mind.  If you like to be surprised, and you know your husband will deliver (and he isn't in the middle of crazy circumstances which would keep him planning a party) by all means, let him surprise you!  But, when I'm in the position of spouse of the birthday person, I like to know what Patrick wants to do.  After all, it's HIS day!

Here's an example of how you could clearly state what you'd like for your big day: "Hun, I'd like you to take me out to eat at Bajios for my birthday on Friday.  Is 7:00 good for you?"  Easy as that.  If you want a party, tell him!  Or if he has a hard time planning such things or is crazy busy with finals, work, travel, etc, then plan it yourself!  And if you're single, plan your own party, girl!  Your friends love you and want to help you celebrate your day and your life, but lots of people have a hard time knowing what to do or what you'd like.  Invite people to go out to eat or to a movie, or invite friends to your house for games! 

Whether you're married or single, there is no darn point in moping around or sulking on your birthday, cause nobody planned some crazy shindig in your honor.  Instead, YOU make the fun happen!  

Take my birthday for example.  Patrick was on a trip with my Dad and brothers for the 3 days before my birthday, so I took matters into my own hands.  The day before my b-day, I bought some Papa Murphy's Hawaiian pizza (my birthday tradition) and a cheesecake (which we ate with crushed oreos and a delicious strawberry/raspberry topping Patrick made).  I invited some family and friends, (I wish I could have invited more of my friends in the area, but I knew we didn't have enough pizza!) and set up my own small, yet rockin party.  It was awesome!

I didn't want to show my teeth, cause I was sure there was oreos all up in em!
Ok, half of us didn't get the memo that a pic was being taken...

That's better!

I know my husband loves me, I'm just more of a party person than he is, and that's ok!  So I planned it myself.

But, let me tell you how sweet he was for my birthday.

And, then...how I ruined it.  :(

So, for a long time I've wanted black and white Converse All-star sneaks.  I love them.  They remind me of "The Sandlot," skaters, and drummers.  (I have an identity crisis when it comes to clothes.  I'm stuck between three styles: chic young momma, gym rat, and alternative punk high-schooler).

*source: The Sandlot "chucksconnection.com"
These shoes are expensive to buy full-price, so I've been scouring thrift stores.  Payless had some in their own brand, but they were still a little too spendy.  (I'm cheap.)  Anyway, I told Patrick a few months ago that they had black Converse wanna-be's at Payless, but he didn't say much.  I didn't buy them myself, cause they were just for fun--I couldn't justify the purchase.

Well, a few days before my birthday, while cruisin my local thrift store (D.I. Woop Woop!) I saw THE SHOES.  Black and white converse All-Stars, for $5, and they fit PERFECTLY!  BLISS!  So, I snatched them, casting evil looks at shoppers near-by, did an ugly victory dance in the middle of the aisle, (ok, only in my mind) and quickly went to pay.

Back at home, I started getting uneasy, thinking, "Wouldn't that be so ironic if Patrick bought me those shoes at Payless?"  I knew where he hid my present, but I hadn't peeked, cause I wanted to be surprised.  But now... I had to know.  I looked behind his clothes on the floor of his closet...lo and behold, there, in a Payless bag, was a shoe box.  My stomach sunk.  I didn't open it, but still... I knew.  I felt like such a poo; I RUINED my husband's thoughtful gift!

When he got home, I blurted out, "So I may have bad news.  I'm not sure, but I think I messed up my birthday gift."  Then I showed him my D.I. find.  His stared for a minute, then marched to his closet, pulled out the box, and tossed it on the bed.  He said, Happy Birthday.  I have to go to the bathroom."  and walked out of the room.  I wailed through the bathroom door like a wounded beast, "I'm sorry! I"m sorry!"  He came out soon, laughing then glaring at me, and kept alternating between the two.  Haha... 

So, I called Payless, and we can take them back, and I will pick out something else.  Golly, I feel like a dope.  I'm glad Patrick has a sense of humor!

The shoes from D.I.  They're beauties, huh?
Ha...weird pic, my foot looks GINORMOUS!
His second surprise was to get one of my good friends Shanda, who lives 45 minutes away, to ride with my dad and brother to the party without me having any idea!  It would have been SO awesome to see her, but she got sick and was puking the night before.  Poor Patrick, his second surprise didn't pan out either.  Needless to say, I was still very touched by both efforts.  I LOVE that guy.

In the end, we had yummy food, we laughed our heads off, I got some sweet gifts from my family and friends, Hayden was cute...all-in-all, it was a pretty awesome birthday! :)

So, I'm over my freak-out....I'm YOUNG!  Life is good!  And...I'm not going to die any time soon.  I've got a healthy body and I'm determined this year to accomplish some cool things with it, before I have baby numero dos

The only thing still worrying me?  I think Alzheimers is setting in.  My mother-in-law took me to the mall to pick out a birthday gift a couple weeks ago (so sweet, huh?) and I picked out a cute sweatshirt from Maurices.  I hid it so I wouldn't be tempted to wear it before my birthday...and I feel like such a doofus, but I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE!   

Oh well...Here's to old age!

Update: I thought I hid it, but I forgot that I asked Patrick to do it!  Of course he knew right where my sweatshirt was.  At least one of us still has a brain.  What would I do without him? :)

P.S. Do you think it's kosher to throw your own birthday party?  Have you ever planned your own?

P.S.S. Have you ever ruined a surprise meant for you?  (It is so sad.)


  1. When I was reading about you doing pilates with your mission president's wife, I started thinking, "How old is Sister Seal? I wonder if she does Pilates." Then it hit me who your mission president's wife is. It was pretty funny.

  2. Amen to communicating birthday/valentine/holiday expectations to your spouse!

    Also, nothing wrong with picking out your own present, planning your own party, etc. If there's something you want for your day that will make you happy, quit waiting around for someone else to do it, and make it happen!

    1. I SO agree. It's win-win--you get an awesome gift from the person you love, and they feel like they rocked it cause they know you LOVE the gift! It's just what you wanted! :)

  3. Don't you know 30 is the new 20!? You haven't even hit your prime yet! :) Happy birthday!

    1. Hahah! Thanks, Whitney! I love that!

  4. Sounds like a great birthday! What a steal on those Converse shoes! I love finding great deals at the thrift store. And yes, I think it is fine to plan your own birthday party. A lot of the time, Lorin and I just plan birthday/anniversary/special occasion stuff together. Instead of the one person just guessing what the other person might like, we just tell each other what we want to do. No harm in that!

    1. Yep, I agree! For Valentines/Anniversary, we usually plan something fun to do--to me, that's a lot better than flowers or candy! (well, depends on the candy...starbust jelly beans? That's a toss-up. ha!)

  5. Planning your own party is the way to go! Don't worry, you have plenty of time for the marathon thing. Prime for that is in your thirties! :)

    1. Haha, oh no, I thought I could use that as my excuse! "I'm too old." Obviously not, look at your dad! :)

  6. I loved this post, Amy! I was laughing my head off about you ruining your surprise from Patrick, and him saying "happy birthday. I have to go to the bathroom." :)

    My bday is coming up soon and Ive been a little bummed out because Jake will be super busy with work. He never plans big things anyway, but i can always hope! Haha. But after reading this, I thought "Way to go Amy! Im gonna plan my own party too!" So thank you!!! :)


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