May 20, 2013

Meet Katelyn!

Hi, I'm Katelyn!

Just as any other proper introduction should begin... I will start by telling you that I was born on a cold Tuesday evening in December to two stellar parents. They raised me and my three siblings in good old Idaho. And just like any proper Idahoan, I do indeed love potatoes. Mostly of the cheesy hash brown variety. De-lish! Until recently, being from Idaho didn't mean much but now that my family and I are in Wisconsin we have run into many people, mostly my husbands co-workers, that can hardly believe I'm from the spud state. It's mind blowing, jaw dropping even! They get even more tripped up when they find out my husband is from California... "How did you find her??" they ask. Well... he found me at BYU a few autumns ago where we met, dated, and got married. Our story is one of the more stereotypical BYU meet'n'marry stories... you know, we were in the same church congregation, something about going on multiple dates with his roommates, unfortunately damaging a few hearts, and then finally he stepped in and swept me away for his own. It was very quite lovely. Another year later and we were both receiving our diplomas right before moving to the previously mentioned and highly thought of Wisconsin.

While attending BYU I got to study Exercise & Wellness and Nutrition. I love the topic of health and wish I could help every single person out there with their get-healthy goals. I also highly enjoy singing challenging songs, running up hills, cooking yummy food, watching BYU football, watching Giants baseball, going on adventures, and being a momma to my little guy, Peter Ashton.

My favorite ice cream is Chocolate Dream from the local gas station, my favorite color changes often but is currently pastel-ish turquoise, and my favorite movie is a three way tie between Nacho Libre, The Grinch, and... oh heck there are just too many!

Goals for my future include being a good mother and wife, staying as healthy as I am able, continually developing new talents and skills, going on a mission for the LDS church with my charming man when we get all old-like, and always doing well my part, no matter whatever it is.

To read more about my life as a full-time mother and wife, come see me over at

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