June 13, 2013

Napoleon Dynamite Kitchen Art

-by Amy
Are you a Napoleon Dynamite fan?

If not, I forgive you.  I bout wet my pants when Napoleon slaps Kip and Kip says, "Geez you ripped my mole off!"  Ahhhh man...good stuff.  And the classic school assembly scene when Napoleon elevated puffy hair and moon boots to major coolness, not to mention his incredible dance moves.  And then there's Napoleon's awkward phone manners, Pedro's humble presidential campaign, Tina (the fat-lard llama), the happy hand club, and Deb's fabulous style.  There's so much to love about this movie!

Maybe I love it so much cause I'm from a small town in Idaho, so much is hilariously accurate.  I mean some parts are exaggerated, (let's be real, nobody at my high school dances had puffy sleeves straight from the 80's) but other parts of the movie are SOO perfectly Ideeeho. The old mumbling farm guys remind me of all the old sourdoughs I grew up around in good ol Shelley. The small town high school where a select few kids were the royalty of coolness, the sleepy main street and quiet country roads, and the sand dunes I played at as a kid (remember granny flies off one on her 4 wheeler? That was my 4 year old nieces favorite part.)

But, I gotta admit, I probably love this movie so much because of his Napoleon's dysfunctional family.  Kip, Uncle Rico, and Grandma kill me.  One of my very favorite lines comes when Napoleon is whining about there being nothing to eat and his cranky Grandma says, "Knock it OFF, Napoleon! Make yourself a dang quesadilla!" (Pronounced "dilla" not "deeya"...HA!)  I love that line.

A little while ago, decided to hang a quote on my kitchen wall.  I already had a meaningul quote on my living room wall, so I felt like this one could be a ridiculous.  Therefore, the line from Napoleon's Grandma stood out as the PERFECT fit!

It's kind of a long-standing joke in the Graham home, cause when my husband met me in my last year of college, I ate a quesadilla every day.  For real.  (I was a sucky cook.)

Now.....well, they are still pretty much all I make besides sandwiches (ok, I'm STILL a sucky cook.)  But, in my defense, I'd don't make just your lame-o tortilla/cheese kind...I make some freakin gourmet stuff. (I can just hear my husband snort at that last line...he is def. the cook in this family).  For example: Hawaiian (ham, cheese, pineapple, with pizza sauce) ham/cheese, chicken/cheese/salsa, barbeque chicken (chicken, mozzarella cheese, sweet baby rays' sauce, and crushed pineapple) fiesta style (beans, salsa, cheese with guac and sour cream on top)...the possibilities are endless for this heavenly food!
Ok, back to the quote: With paint in hand (some left-over house paint from a $5 Home Depot sample bottle brought for another project) a pencil, a little canvas, and a couple brushes, I sketched on the words and started painting!  And, before my Netflix movie was over, the happy little canvas was ready for my wall!  (A degree in art has gotta be good for something...ha!)

Starting off...

In progress...

The best part of having this saying on my wall?  When my kids are old enough to whine about being hungry at three in the afternoon, I can just point to the sign. (I didn't want to sound QUITE as cranky as Grandma, so I added a please.) 

Here it is!  It makes me smile every time I see it.  (Check out my home tour to see this wall "before")

Voila!  Finished!  With a nice, home-made charm...(aka, I didn't use stencils, so it's not perfect!)

Maybe next time I'll paint a silhouette of a llama, along with the simple text: "Eat the FOOD!"

Um... maybe that IS a little too cranky momma.

I'd love to hear: What quotes would you love to hang in your home and in what room?

P.S. My two runner-up quotes:
"Git that corn outta my face!" -Nacho Libre, my sister, Sherie's suggestion.
"Never play hopscotch with a unicorn" -Todd Hall's suggestion.  Ha!


  1. Haha! I love it, Amy! Such a great idea. I found this funny quote on Pinterest:

    "It's all fun and games until someone ends up in a cone"

    Here is the quote with the picture: http://pinterest.com/pin/298504281521576425/

    We want to put this picture up in our living room.

  2. Haha! This post made me laugh. Jeff was wondering if we could pre-order the llama sign for our kitchen. Love it!

  3. Hahaha!!! I love it! You HAVE to make the llama sign!!!

  4. I love this idea! I am going to think about a few quotes I could strategically place around the house.

    P.S. I love your header. I might draw my own now too. Way easier than putting the photos all together! Thanks for the idea.


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