November 14, 2013

Talking Mommahood with a 16-Year-Old

By Amy

So, I was thinking a few days ago, being a mom is so 100% my life now, it seems funny that I've only done it for 19 months!

It is my new norm.  If someone watches my baby, I'm like, "Wow, this is freedom!"  But, then...less than an hour later, I'm thinking about my baby and wondering if he's ok and being good for whoever is watching him.  Ha.

As I told you in my last post, (if you haven't, read it here!  I want your input!) you know that right now, my hub, baby and I are gypsies, living in the basement of my aunt and uncle.  Two of my cousins that we live with are high's fun to hear about what's going on for them.  I kinda get nostalgic and start remembering my good ol' high school days.  (Till I remember the annoying parts about high school, then my sentimentalism is over....Ha!)  Those days seem soooo long ago.

Being a mom is so much a part of my identity now.  I don't really remember if I ever thought about becoming a mom when I was in high school (besides picking cute husband thinks I'm insane for starting a baby name list in Jr. High! Haha!)  I know I wanted to have my own family someday, but it was all so abstract.

So I became curious to hear a 16-yr-old's perspective on motherhood.  My cousin Brittany, who I am living with right now, to let me interview her; she didn't mind, cause it meant she could put off her homework a little longer.  (Brittany is an incredibly talented, hard-working, and fun girl who is obsessed with One Direction.  And my son adores her.)  I loved her candid thoughts...she made me laugh so much! :)  I hope you enjoy her perspective too!  :)

Alright, Brittany, I want to hear your thoughts about growing up and becoming a mom.  But first, what do you like most about being 16? 

Dating, cause it’s free fun.  Paid for by the boy--with a cute boy, which makes it that much better.

Wow, I was SO not into dating at 16.  (Read about my dating mishaps here.)  Cool, so what is stressful about being 16?  What do you not like? 

School work.  Math.  And Science.  A curfew.  Getting up in the morning to practice my violin. (By the way, she gets up before 5 am!  She makes me look like the laziest of bums, sleeping in till after 8:00.)

Do you plan on being a mom someday? 


How many kids?

Like 5 or 6.  OH BABIES! 

Hahaha…Ok, what are your plans for after high school? 

To travel the world, dancing and playing the violin.  Yeah.  I'll probably get married late cause I have to do lots of things, unless my husband wants to travel with me.  Then I'll have babies.

Why do you want to be a mom? 

Because babies are adorable and I want to dress them and…I don’t know.  I love my niece and nephew and babysitting.  I love kids...but not diapers.

Ha, don't blame you there.  Any predications of who your husband will be? (haha, I asked this cause I knew what her answer would be!  And I was right.)

Harry Styles (one of the guys in "One Direction") cause he dedicated a song to me.  I met him and it was love at first sight.  He liked me too, so we’re good.  (She won tickets to a One Direction concert and got to go backstage and meet them.  Hahaa...she told me it was the best day of her life.)

What do you think will be the best part of being a mom? 

Watching my children grow and learn and succeed and learn from their mistakes.  Cuddling and giving them lovins.

What are you most scared for about being a mom? 

That my children will hate me.  Oh, and the actual having of children.  Eww.

Ha.  I hear ya.  It's a little crazy to have another human come out of your body.  Here's a question: why is my son so obsessed with you? 

Babies are attracted to me. (laughs)

Does it make you scared to have kids someday when you’re around my son, since he’s constantly running around like a crazy maniac and getting into everything?

No, it makes me excited.  My kids are going to be so bad.  Like me, times ten.

Brittany, on the left.  HA!
Do you have any baby names picked out?

Lucy, Sophie... but I’ll have to pick between them cause they sound the same.  Henry.  I love that name.  I love old fashioned names.  Oh and Kirk, after my dad.  It’s a cool name.  I’ll name a daughter Melissa, but she’ll go by Mimi.

And Harry after his father, right? 

 Of course.  And Liam too, after one of his best friends.  Zane’s a cute name too.  (Those are other guys in One Direction...I didn't know either.) And if I have twins, I’ll name them, “One” and the other “Direction.”  Just kidding.  That was a joke.

Hahahaha…Oh my gosh, those poor children.  

Brittany, my babe, and I loookin classy.  As always.  ha!

Hahaha, good stuff, huh?  Thank you, Brittany, for the enlightening peek into your mind.  :)

So, admit it...did you start a baby name list in Jr. High too?  I need validation.  Ha!  And, did you (do you) look forward to being a mom? 

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  1. Amy I can honestly answer no to both of those last questions. Love ya


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