May 22, 2014

Home Stylin: Pillows...Annoying or Awesome?

By Amy

I have an important question of deep significance I've been pondering for a long time.

*Deep breath...* Here it is:
Pillows on a couch--yea or nay?

I kind of hate when I go to sit on a couch, and I have to perch on the edge because, OH, the couch is already occupied by a ton of freakin decorative pillows.  Despite the fact that these pillows could be totally cool looking and really add to the aesthetic of the room, if one can not comfortably sit on a place which is designated for sitting...there's a problem.  Seriously, they are couch hogs.  Like, whenever I am at my mom's house, the first thing I do when I walk into the living room to sit down, is dump all the pillows one by one back behind the couch.  (Sorry mom!)  Then I can sit back in the couch and relaaaax.  Ahhh, so much better than perching.

Doesn't it seem like the second you sit on a couch or get ready to get into bed, you chuck all of the extra pillows on the floor?  So then they're just kicking around next to the bed, getting in the way, gathering dust bunnies.  Aren't they just extra crap to deal with?  But, maybe their aesthetic appeal is worth retrieving them when I make my bed the next morning (*cough*...or afternoon.  Ha.)  I gotta admit, I don't like ANY extra work...can you tell?  Right now, I am a huge pregger, so picking ANYTHING off the floor makes me unreasonably bugged.

Then there's the question of: should pillows match?  Or be mis-matched?  I found some AWESOME pillows at Ross a while back with these super cool geometric print that looked like a maze... but they were more expensive then I wanted to pay, and there were only two.  So, with two matching pillows, do I put one on each couch?  Or both on one couch?  See...these dilemmas plague me.  So I walked away. (And they never had them again...curses!)

For a while I haven't had pillows on my couches besides the teal diamond one you see below that I made out of a sweater.  I usually sit on the other couch, (cause the two cushion couch reclines!) so I don't have any feelings of animosity toward this particular pillow.  We have an understanding...It stays out of my way.

No new pillows...

Then, the other day at my fav thrift store, I saw 4 matching pillows.  Now, before you say, "You NASTY!  How could you buy pillows at a thrift store!?  Lice and fleas and weird smells!"...let me tell you, I totally agree, and I wouldn't normally even consider it.  BUT.  These looked BRAND NEW.  Seriously.  And they smell fine, too!

Here were my reservations: Yellow is not my favorite color.  I like gold and orange, but yellow I've always found a little too...bright, or too much, or something.

With new pillows.

Plus, they are Chevron, and I wonder if maybe Chevron has become a little overdone by this point? Maybe not...what do you think?

However, despite these two thoughts, they cost $1.95 each.  For pillows in excellent shape, I decided that the price was too good to pass up.  And if I found the PERFECT fabric later, I could recover them!  You can't even find a pillow insert thingy anywhere near that cheap.

So I bought them and plopped them on my couches.  I was surprised by how nicely they brightened up the space!  (I am a bit stuck in neutrals and blues.)  However, that night I sat down on the couch with my hub to watch some Netflix and eat an ice cream sandwich...immediately I yanked the offending pillow from behind my back and tossed it down on the floor.  I like to sit in the corner of the couch, and that pillow was cramping my style.  Hmmm.

So, I'd love to hear your thoughts...Are pillows on a couch annoying to you?  Or maybe I'm just a crasy person.  (It's likely.)

And on my bed...remember this pillow?  It's my sappy, DIY luv pillow.  :)  I love it, but it always ends up on the floor.  So does the navy blue body pillow that is back behind the two pillows that we actually sleep on.  Do you have extra pillows on your bed?  It kinda makes me crazy when a bed has 30 pillows on it of all shapes and sizes, and it takes like 15 minutes to retrieve them from all over the room in the morning to make the bed...ain't nobody got time fo that!  It's so unnecessary.  Sounds like a great way to ensure that I never make my bed again.  Yeah, it can look so fancy and cool, but...still, it's a hassle, you guys!

Well, at least somebody likes pillows on the floor!  Ha!  I took off all the pillows to take a pic of the plain couches, and when I looked down, somebody had gotten cosy in them!

Well, those are my deep and haunting pillow questions.  Is there a happy way to have decorative pillows?  This is probably the most important issue in the world at this moment, so please share your opinion, especially you home decor peeps.

....Ok, ok, I guess world hunger and war trumps the GREAT PILLOW DEBATE.  But it still keeps me up at night.


  1. I love the addition of yellow to both your living room and bedroom. It looks great! And in my opinion it's well worth they extra work involved with annoying pillows. I say that as my bedroom floor currently is housing our bed's decorative pillows haha. (:

    1. Thanks! And, hahaha...yeah, you know what I"m talking about! The darn things are always on the floor!

  2. The yellow pillows look great. I agree that pillows are a pain though. I hate having to move them all. I have three small pillows on my bed, so it isn't too bad, but they do end up on the floor. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas

  3. I agree that they can be a pain, but think they make a HUGE difference! I just re-did the ones for our couch and it changed the feel of the living room completely! I love the ones you found and you really did get a KILLER deal. :)

  4. I think they look cute too and you can't beat a deal like that! If you're not loving the space they occupy, just put two in the room (in corners YOU use less) and keep the others elsewhere (on the beanbag? :). I like decorative pillows, but I'm not a fan of alot. I only have two on my big couch - I place them in different places cause I'm... different :) - about 2/3 down the couch and the other is an oblong that goes on against one cushion on the loveseat. The one for my bed has probably been on my bed TWICE this year. If you're great at making your bed, one or two are cute. If you're not.... then you're me.

  5. I've had these same thoughts many times. In fact, I always tell guests to put the pillows on the floor to make it more comfortable and then I bet they wonder why I have them on there in the first place! I've considered getting rid of all decorative pillows everywhere, but then it looks empty! Your new pillows were a great deal though and look nice!


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