October 7, 2014

Babies and Boobs and Poop...Oh My!

By Amy

Friends!  Long time no see!  :)  I miss you.  It's been a bit crazy in my home.  And in my brain.  Ha.  I can't seem to get my crap together enough to write a blog post.  But, baby Miles is officially 6 weeks old and my hormones have leveled out, and I feel like life is going to chill out a bit.  Hopefully I can get back to writing posts, cause I love how creative/therapeutic it is for me, and I miss hanging out with YOU!  Adult interaction, even the virtual kind, is nice when your life is a never-ending cycle of babies, boobs and poop.

Besides being in the newborn haze at our house, my husband is in his last semester of classes and writing his huge thesis-project-thing, which means he takes our laptop to class most days and uses it in the evenings writing his beast of a paper.  So, I've missed my blogging and writing time.  But, I've been so happy to share the last couple guest posts!  I hope you loved them as much as I did! :) Pretty amazing ladies, huh?

*PS. I am always looking for more guest posts!  I know you've got things to say, so email me, baby! (amy.the.graham@gmail.com)*

I've been asked for an update on how life is going with an infant plus a toddler...I'm working on a post, but it is slooow going.  Lots of scattered, sleep-deprived thoughts.  I'll share it when I can get it coherent. :)  So probably next year.  Ha!

For now, here's just a couple pics and stories.  

HAHA!  I was trying to get a pic of Hayden kissing Miles on the forehead, and I caught Miles's yawn!!!  HAHA!

Baby Miles on his blessing day.  Look at that HAIR!  I AM OBSESSED!

Momma and Miles.  Thanks Sherie for this sweet pic!

Dude just chillin.
It's been funny to hear all of Hayden's questions since we brought baby home.  His mind was blown when he first saw me use a breast pump...the whole concept of "momma's milk" is kinda throwing him for a loop.

Then, the other day he walked out of my bedroom and into the kitchen like this.  I died!

Man, that kid is so freakin cute.

Sorry the pics are blurry, probably cause I was laughing my bum off.  He said all distressed with his little stutter, "There's no no no...no milk in my tummy!"  And, today he put my nursing cover on and stuck Bob the Builder up his shirt. The WIC breastfeeding ladies would be so proud.  Haha!

Here's another "Hayden Funny":

So, Miles is a GASSY baby.  The poor boy cries like he's in pain and wakes up a lot in the night, so we're experimenting with different formulas to help out his little tummy.  (I supplement cause I don't make near enough milk.)  Well, he has constant and LOUD poops and toots.  (We laugh pretty hard every time!...Except when he poops all over my hands when I'm changing his diaper.  Then I dry heave. That boy is such a pooper.) Anyway, in church on Sunday, my hub was holding Miles.  Suddenly, during a quiet moment, my baby let out an impressive explosion from his tiny baby bowels.  I mean, it was loud.  So, I'm trying not to laugh out loud, when Hayden giggles and pipes up with, "Oh, Momma's woofin!"

UH...Whuuuuut!?  For crying out loud, I wasn't even the one holding him!  Why would he think I did that!?  And of course everyone around us heard.  The shoulders shaking with silent laughter gave them away.  My face was on fire!  The lady in front of me turned around and whispered, "Wow, Amy!"  Her whole family was cracking up too.  Ha....thanks Hayden.

Well, it's almost 10pm and I'm pretty much brain dead and sooo tired.  Until next time my friends!

Ps.  Mommas of two or more, if you nursed, how the heck did you explain it to your curious kiddio(s)?  Do you just nurse right in front of your older kid (kids) or do you cover up?  (K, I'm not talking about a twelve year old, obviously!)  Just curious.  :)  Kinda like I wonder when I should no longer leave the door open during the day when I'm going to the bathroom or when I get out of the shower.  What is the cut-off age? (Admit, you've wondered it too!)  I don't really want my son to have memories of seeing his momma nake...haha!


  1. Glad you're adjusting well mama! :) love the pics of Hayden 'pumping'! So adorable! Jackson never really cared or noticed how I fed Kenadee. Maybe because he was older and was too busy playing? I never covered when I was home, but he never said anything and he was 3. He's just never been curious about the body or anything. Kenadee though...I'm already bracing myself for what questions she could come up with! :) I probably still won't cover up with this one much since it will be mostly Kenadee and I at home. Not sure what I'll do when J is home. Just take it one day at a time. :)

  2. My husband and I have both heard that people usually don't remember anything before the age of about three, so with my girls being three and four, we don't allow them in the bathroom when my husband is showering. I'm pretty sure we'll do the same for the little guy when he gets up there in age. As for nursing, I wasn't able to nurse my last two so none of them have any memory of that, but I would be fine having my girls see me nursing, As for my son, I might cover or at least try to keep a little mystery to what breasts look like......like getting that nursing pad in place like a ninja. ;-) But that's just me. Some women are much more comfortable with nursing, I am pretty shy. Maybe cause I didn't do it very long. LOL

  3. I don't cover up at home and Caleb is now 3 and 1/2. He's not weird about it, he thinks it's neat and knows that's how mommies feed babies (but usually is to busy to notice). Sometimes he wants to snuggle Henry when he feeds, but at this age it's too distracting for Henry. With the teeth and him breaking the latch over and over I've been shoeing brother off so it can be more efficient and less painful. We watch our language around the kids and just say the baby drinks milk from mommy's chest because I don't care for them telling their friends about my "boobies" esp. in public (we don't use that word). In the evenings the baby usually nurses while one kid holds the storybook as I read to them before bed. Kelty didn't remember that I nursed Caleb when she was 3 (I was surprised that the whole thing seemed new to her at age 6). Once Kelty started Pre-K at 4 we started being better with shutting bathroom doors etc, but it's hard especially when you have a potty trainer. Probably might cover up more when Caleb is older with our fourth kid, and it's a little easier when they're away at school. Kelty didn't remember that I nursed Caleb when she was 3 (I was surprised that the whole thing seemed new to her at age 6). I figure when they're young enough to be with you 24/7 they're too young to care/be embarassed or remember... (plus you have to take them in the stall with you at public restrooms anyways). When they start wanting their own privacy and can understand abstract concepts (like embarrassment) then it's time to bother.

  4. With my second he did not like to be covered, so I just nursed him and my daughter didn't really ask about it. But, once they both got older (he nursed until age 2) she would ask and I just told her I was feeding him. After a shower together and some awkward questions we decided the time had come to stop seeing us naked. I actually just wrote a post on it on my blog. She is very vocal and at church said that "mom's "booboos" make milk for the baby". (I'm pregnant with #3). So, yes, embarrassing.
    -Rachel C

  5. My son is 4 1/2 and he still doesn't seem to have registered the difference between boys and girls -- the other day he was trying to tell his sister how to use the toilet, and it was apparent from his instructions that he has not noticed she has different equipment than him. So I still let him walk in the room when I'm dressing and leave the bathroom door open -- I'm actually kind of hoping one of these days he'll realize that clothing and hair length aren't the only differences between girls and boys. So in my opinion every kid is different -- you just do what works best for your individual child. BTW Miles looks like a cutie. And I hope breast feeding is going better for you this time! Your first time around was so rough!


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