October 21, 2014

This is for You Mothers

By Kimberly (Kimbo)
Introduced by Amy

Kim is a blogger--but not a small potatoes blogger like me, oh no.  Her blog, "A Girl and a Glue Gun" has thousands and thousands (and thousands!) of followers.  So I pretty much feel like Oprah is on my blog today.  Yay!!  (I'm sure Kim just rolled her eyes reading this...Ha!)

Even though Kim is one of the popular kids of the blog world, she is amazingly nice and down-to-earth.  We live in the same good ol Ideeho town, but I met her through a high school friend's facebook group.  After checking out Kim's blog I was like, "Yowza.  This girl knows what she's doing!"  And since I'm still a newbie and we live in the same town, I really wanted to meet up with her so I could ask a trillion questions.  I felt pretty cheeky asking her for a personal tutoring session, but she was super cool about it!  So we hung out and she was so chill and nice that I forgot to be intimidated.  :)
Kim is a craft blogger, but I read her blog because of her voice!  Crafting isn't my passion, but if she wrote a blog about fly fishing or plumbing, I'd still read it, just cause she is so fun to read!  I'm excited she's sharing some of her mothering experiences with us today on SOM.  Enjoy! :)

This is for you mothers.....
The ones that said, "I will never buy a gun for my son."

This is a cheese quesadilla.

I have also been "shot" by: a rock, french bread, a flosser holder, a stick, my glue gun, a kitchen aid attachment, a kleenex, playdoh, a broken headband, safety scissors, a sucker stick, a...........

If You Give a Kid a Binky...

Kameron started crying last night and I knew it was because I left her binky (the one with the clasp that will hook to her clothes and not fall out of her bed) at her grandmas. So she starts crying right when I am about to fall asleep..like semi coherent. And this is my thought process....If I go upstairs to put her binky back in her mouth, she will see me and want up. If I get her up, I will have to make her a baba to go back to sleep. If I make her a baba, I have to change her diaper. If I change her diaper, than I would have to turn on the light. If I turn on the light, than Jordan would wake up. If Jordan wakes up, she will get in my bed to go back to sleep. If Jordan sleeps with me, I will be uncomfortable all night. If I am uncomfortable all night, I won't get a good night sleep. If I won't get a good night sleep, I will beastly tomorrow. So, I had better stay right here and let her cry it out so my kids won't suffer tomorrow. And then Jordan came down and got into bed with me anyway because Kameron woke her up.

Today, I have been shot by 3 different guns and played dead. I have been kicked in the shins twice. I have held a beautiful wedding on my floor between a unicorn and a pony. I started a water fight that did not end when I wanted it to and I ended up soaked. I was interrupted when I was getting ready and forgot to put on mascara on one eye, and noticed at 10:00 at night. I kissed one burned finger and two boo boos on heads. I got told 4 knock knock jokes that ended in pee pee or pooh pooh. I mopped the floor twice because someone was being "helpful" with the orange juice. I said the words, "do your homework" over 15 times. I stepped on a lego and I'm walking with a limp now. I have changed two poopy diapers. I killed one spider.

And I am thankful to be a mother...sometimes.

The Chair.

Does this chair look particularly appetizing to anyone? Does is scream "Sit on me"? Does is look like the most amazing chair ever? Yeah, not really...but for some reason this chair (more like spot) is the cause of at least 3 fights a day (more if we have a treat at the table or do a craft at the table.) When I yell, "time to eat" Kaje screams out "I get the middle chair" and then they both run and dive for it. Like an extreme version of musical chairs...without music. Someone ends up getting pushed onto the floor and screaming, "I want to sit there!!" I started making dinner the other day and Kaje came and sat down and watched me make the entire meal...too afraid to move in case he lost the coveted spot. He seriously sat there for like 30 min. I just don't get it....it's like any excuse to get in a fight. You should see them at church over the sacrament. They literally got in a fight over who had the biggest piece of bread.

I will not sell my kids...I will not sell my kids.

I was cool in high school.

Remember back in high School when it was lunch time....and there were 3 of you...and you all crammed into the front a vehicle because gasp! heaven forbid one of you had to sit in the back by yourself. So uncool! And when you drove to lunch you would gossip about what boy you thought was cute and you can't believe..{fill in the blank} wore that outfit, I mean it was totally uncool like totally?

Flash forward a few years...a few more. Okay about there. Back in the car, going to lunch. You are a taxi cab. You are now alone in the front while you have 3 kids in the back. I mean how uncool is that? And if anyone was going to gossip about clothes it would be about your clothes...because you just looked down and gasp! realized that you are still in pj bottoms or have mismatched shoes...(true story) and back in the day before you knew better you said that your kids would always look cute and their hair would always be done....but you now look in your rearview mirror to find that your son has insisted on wearing the same spiderman shirt three days in a row and he has decided to have an opinion on his hair...(He likes it FLAT!) and your daughter has also decided she is old enough to dress herself, which usually means something weather inappropriate and something mismatched. If there is pink in the shirt and pink in the skirt they match...doesn't matter that one is a plaid with red and white and one is hot pink with rainbow stars. And the gossiping? Nope..too busy looking for a volkswagen beetle (slugbug) out the window so I can call out the color before my daughter can.

Back in the day I had the coolest music..totally hip. (on cassette tapes of course) Now my cd player is filled with Disney cd's and a Junie B. Jones book on tape.

Instead of worrying about finding a date to the dance or finishing your homework in time for class....it is trying to make sure you got everything you asked for in your happy meal and especially...and this is important...going through the happy meal to make sure you don't get duplicates of the same toy. (I have had to knock on the drive through window to ask for a new toy...I have no shame.)

I was cool in high school.

Haha, I love her. :)  Thanks Kim for guest posting today! 

So check out her blog! (I highly recommend you follow her blog on Facebook...she posts awesome questions and stories and is generally entertaining to have in your feed.  Just saying.)

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Here's Kim and her cute fam! 

Welllll, folks...thanks for chilling with us here at SOM today!  

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