October 31, 2014


By Amy

Just for fun, I'm gonna show you a couple of my costumes as an adult.

Cause costumes are the best part about Halloween!!!

And creative costumes are one thousand billion times cooler than "sexy" costumes.  That is what I will teach my daughter if I ever have one.

Thriller zombie!!!  My roommates and I were all zombies and we won the group costume prize at our church's Halloween party!  Wahooo!!!  And, yes I know the thriller dance.

Bon Qui Qui!!!!  GURRRL, I will CUT you.  (Have you seen the "King Burger" MadTV skit?  If not, WHAT?!  You must watch it right now.)
At a super fun murder mystery party!  I was definitely single and definitely NOT pregnant.
My hub and I as HOMIES!!!  This is our first married Halloween.  (I have been told I look like Beiber in this pic.  Joy.)

This year!!!  I ran a Halloween 5K with my momma-in-law, hub, and two little bros-in-law.  I am a Mombie!  (Newborn making me sleep deprived.)  And, the race sucked, btw.  I despise running.   But we looked good! :)  Notice my toddler as a freaking adorable jester. :)  
My toddler and hub were jesters for the race the year before! :) 
As a kid, I'd draw out my costume ideas for months ahead of time.  One year I was a Jack-in-the-Box, and I walked around in a huge decorated box all night.  I had a handle to turn--someone would turn it and I'd crunch down inside and sing a tune till I popped out of the box!  It was pretty spectacular. :) The jester hat my hub and son wore in the race is from that costume...I've kept it since middle school! :)

I already loved Halloween and dressing up, but I'm pretty sure helping my kids come up with epic ideas as they get older will make me LOVE it even more. :)

Here's a weird trick-or-treating thing that happened to us last Halloween night: a couple teenage boys knocked on our door and asked us for cigarettes! WTFreak?  They weren't dressed up either...it was sooo weird.  Ha!  I was like, "Um...no.  Here's a sucker."

How about you?  Do you love to dress up or not so much?  What awesome/original/quirky costumes have you or your kids dressed up in?

Oh, and if you haven't seen it, you've got to check out this post about my sister's family and their INSANELY cool Halloween costumes!

Friends, have an awesome Halloween!

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  1. I've never been big on Halloween (It's not celebrated in Asia) but I have a special place in my heart for costumes. Last year Angel and I went to my uncle's hayride as "the Bear" and "Goldilocks"


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