January 28, 2015

12 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant...and 12 Things I Really, Really Don't Miss.

By Amy

My little dude is 5 months old.  He is a chub chub chub!  And so sweet.  He's soo much easier than my first. (Hallelujah!)  And my toddler is obsessed with him, in a loving, slightly stalkerish kind of way.  :)  We're so glad he's in our family!

I gotta say, I enjoy having energy again.  Even with the tiredness of waking up in the night with a newborn, I still have bucket-loads more energy than I did when I was pregnant.  However, every time I see a pregnant lady I kind of get this twinge of nostalgia, which got me thinking about the things that were awesome about being large with child.

Things I miss about being pregnant:

1. Feeling special.  (Does that sound cheesy?  People just look at you and smile, and you feel that way too, cause you are carrying a new little human...It's such a cool feeling!)

2. Feeling cute.  (Pregnant women are just cute, cause they have awesome big bellys!)

3. Never ever sucking in. (You can totally wear shirts with stretchy material that show off the preg belly...you never have to worry about looking fat, cause--of course you're huge--you're preg!  Wahoo!  PASS THE NACHOS!)

4. Stuffing my face. (Cause the bigger the belly, the cuter the preg!  Again, PASS THE NACHOS!)

No, I didn't have twins. Ha!
5. Being able to go wherever I want with my toddler.  An infant is super portable when he's chillin' inside of me. :)

6. Having an instant camaraderie with all other pregnant ladies.  ("When are you due?  Boy or girl?  Have you been sick?"...easiest conversation starters ever.)

7. Baby name brainstorming!

8. The happy anticipation of having a new member of your family on the way! (For the first 7 months.)

9. Thick hair and clear skin.  Oh how I miss pregnancy skin.

10. I can blame eating crap (Oreos) on pregnancy cravings.

11. An excuse to take a daily nap.

12.  It was much easier to feed and care for my baby when he was inside me and hooked up to a 24-hour all-you-can-eat buffet.  (I'm sure he appreciated all the Oreos.)

But then I remember all of these little details and feel so glad my baby is born.  And that I'm totally cool waiting a while for baby number 3...

Things I definitely DON'T miss about being pregnant:

1. Feeling sick and weary to the bone.  Being just. so. tired.  Like crying just because you can't believe how exhausted you are.  (I did that once when I was super pregnant hangry too...ha, anybody else?)

A non-posed pregnant pic.  So glamourous.  Am I glowing?  Ha...more like drooling.  Sooooo tired.
3. Ginormous boobs.  (And having to buy bigger bras every trimester.)

4. Worrying about how the things I do might hurt my baby. (Shower too hot?  Lunch meat or cookie dough??  Medium steak??  Fumes in the paint???  Sleeping on my back????  EVERYTHING IS DANGEROUS!)

5. Feeling insanely hot, and sweating like a greasy weasel all summer long...when everybody else feels fine.

6. It's just harder to move.  Like, bending over to pick something up kinda makes me want to swear.  (I got pretty good and picking up stuff with my toes.)

7. Running to the bathroom to pee ALL. NIGHT. LONG.

8. Disagreeing with hub on the baby's name.

9. Waiting and waiting and waiting for baby to come.  The anticipation gets old.  By the last 2 months, I'm like, "PLEASE COME OUT TODAY."

10. Just the general worry: Is my baby ok in there?  Have I felt any movement this hour?  Am I having contractions?  How far apart are they?  How much spotting is worrisome?  When is my labor far enough to actually go in to the hospital?  Will my water break in the middle of the grocery store and if so, should I break a jar of pickles on the floor to hide the fact?

11. When you get sick, you can't take much for it, and your immune system is lame when your'e pregnant (that's a scientific fact, folks.) so you are out of comission for like two weeks. Ughhhhhh.  Being sick when you're preg is wretched.

12. Indigestion, nausea, and other unpleasant digestional issues...(*cough* extra gas...please tell me I'm not the only one!)

Well, those are my lists...what can you completely relate to?  What else do you miss or not miss about being pregnant?  Or if you haven't had a baby, what do you look forward to?  I'd love to hear. :)


  1. Haha..... yes I laughed out loud when reading this. I had forgotten about some of the sweet things about being pregnant but remembered every one of the crappy things! haha... except for the gassy part... I don't know what you're talking about...;)

    1. Oh, yeah, uh....me neither. I was just kidding about that.... ha

  2. I love your idea about breaking the jar of pickles in the grocery store! I'll have to remember that one. Just in case. :) I love all your cute prego pics!

    1. Thanks Danae! Let me know if you ever use the pickle idea... :)

  3. Amen to them all! :) Oh also not missing wetting yourself with every sneeze (which may or may not still happen post baby too). LOL

    1. Oh my heck, YES. I hate the lousy bladder control. I'm um, STILL hating the lousy bladder control. Haha...


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