May 12, 2013

Happy Momma's Day!

Here's some momma and kids pics for your mother's day enjoyment.  I love this day...a day to make a concious effort to remember our mommas and all they do/sacrifice for us.  They are so cool!

So whether you're a momma, grandma, sister, aunt, or a good friend to're amazing for using and developing your ability to love and nurture others!

And I know, some days it's easy to feel guilty, like, "Ugh...I'm not that amazing as a mom."  But.  Your kids love you and God loves you for trying every day!  Heck, this morning, on mother's day (go figure), I opened the front door and nailed my son in the face!  (I didn't realize how closely he was walking behind me! :( So sad...not exactly my finest mothering moment.)

Well, I just keep trying and hopefully he knows I love him, even if I'm the most absent-minded, clumsiest mother who ever lived.  Ha!

As for my momma, she taught me how to love others, how to reach out to them, and how to serve.  She is SO happy serving others, and this is what I love most about her; her example encourages me to be more like the Savior.  She is the coolest momma.  Thanks for everything, mom!
Thank you to every lady who sent me a pic after I made a last minute plea!

Love to all you mommas and future mommas! :)

Sarah and her little girl, Miranda

Tracy with Lucy and new little baby, Clara

My sister, Sherie with her son, Caleb (5 kids in that home!)
Kim and studly-hair Ben
Jessie and Brooklyn!

Alyssa with her mom, Holly (my sister-in-law and momma-in-law!)

Alyssa with her "baby" Sammy!

Me with my momma and son

My little baber and I.  Love him.
P.S.  Ladies, what have you learned from your momma (or grandma)?  What do you love most about her?  I'd love to hear! :)


  1. Love it! I've learned a lot from my mom. I hope I can be at least a little like her some day!

  2. So fun! This was a great Mother's Day post! I've learned so many things from my mom. I think the biggest thing was to bloom where I'm planted. She taught be that even though circumstances may not be ideal, I can always make the best out of my situation and be happy.


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