June 21, 2013

Some things, I will pay good money for.

By Amy 

Hey, friends!  So, I have been posting Tues/Thurs for a while, but....this week has been the week of my anniversary and I'm visiting my momma and dad, soooo, we've been busy and I didn't post yesterday.  But, I still love you all!  (Really, it's me, not you...)  And I've got some fabulous posts by some amazing ladies to share so, stay tuned!

So, here's just a couple thoughts and two links: this is my second time being featured in one week! WOOWOO!  This is a big move for me, ya know, like the first sleep-over at a friend's house.  (or something like that...)  My writing is on other people's blogs!  Still crazy.

Here's a link to Emily's awesome blog where I talk about--ha, you guessed it--becoming a momma for the first time. :)  Be sure to check out some of Emily's other posts and tutorials.  It's pretty fancy over there! :)

Oh and, here's a post by me that I posted on Sunday (father's day)...Did you see it?  (I know it's not my normal day for posting.)  It's about the INTENSE frugal-ness of my dad.  Did you come from frugal parents?  So after you read this, I'd love to know, do my dad's money saving habits blow your mind, too?

Having my dad's money-saving ways on my mind, I've realized: though I do like to save money, be cheap, and diy...There are certain things I will pay good money for.  Here's a few:

Lysol wipes.  Dirty, smelly washcloths are the bane of my existence.  Nothing that smells like a septic tank should sit next to my sink where I wash food and dishes.  (Why do they alwasy stink, anyway?)

Contact solution.  Constantly rubbing itchy, burning eyes...ain't nobody got time for that!!!

Good diapers.  Leaking poo is no joke.

Tampons...yeah, this is no joke either.  Every time my husband complains about how much Tampax costs and wants me to buy no-name tampons, I just tell him how much a pair of jeans costs.  Cause crappy tampons leak.  I know from personal experience. (AM I alone in this?  Can you use store brand tampons?)  And gosh, as funny as it is to hear "that time I bled through my pants in public" stories, nobody like to experience them.

I recommend this brand...but not as a costume! (Poor girl...If any guys liked her, they didn't after this party.
Some things I usually won't pay good money for:

Shampoo (Ok, I don't buy Suave, but I'd don't buy salon priced stuff either.  My hair isn't over-processed or brittle so I can get away with cheaper stuff.)
Home decor stuff (I DIY)
Groceries (Get the knock-off brand for heaven's sake!  Ok, except for "Oreos".)

With all of that stuff, I look for bargains, second-hand, I DIY, I check out thrift stores, take free stuff that people leave by the street (no joke.) and garage sale.  Oh, and, I've never paid for a manicure.  And, I just highlighted my own hair.  (HA...more about that fiasco later.)

We all have different products that we won't compromise on, even if it's more expensive.

How about you?  What are yours?  I'm curious. :)  And, what will you go cheap on every time?


  1. Hah! I loved the "if any guys liked her, they didn't after this party..." :)

    I will pay good money for wipes!!! (Oh heavens, the store brand kind and I are not friends!) Plus Oreos, Lime flavored tortilla chips, and Tissues with lotion -my husband HATES the way they feel, but I always have a runny nose and everything else feels like sandpaper!

    I have noticed that I will not spend money on clothes! I spent $20 on a maternity dress yesterday and almost died at the register! But if I see shirts for two or three bucks, or jeans for ten, I am so there!! Haha :)

  2. I used to always go cheap with toilet paper. I figured that was a good place to save money since buying TP is an awful, but always have to do always, kind of thing. My hubby is super easy going and will avoid making decisions at all costs. However, when we first got married he took a stand in one area and said, "There is one thing I cannot live with, cheap toilet paper." I admit it was a little rough the first time I saw the price of the nice toilet paper compared to my bargain brand, but the hubs was right. Once your unders experience real toilet paper there's no going back. So that's our splurge always now.


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