July 2, 2013

Meet Amber!

Hi!  I’m Amber.  

Born and raised in S.E. Idaho.  Met my husband at Shelley’s annual Spud Day while I was with another boy.  He made fun of me and then I didn’t see him for 2 years.  Ran into him later and thought, "Wow, those 2 years did him some good!" ;)  Married young and started a family young.

SAHM of Jackson and Kenadee. Wife of Tim, aka Hunny, Timmy, or Timmy Ray when he’s in trouble ☺.

I love being with my family and watching my kids learn new things.

About me: church goer, piano player, likes to sing and dance (sing well, dance silly ;) ) loves all kinds of music, trying to become a runner, likes to read, can never get enough of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and is sort of a Treky ☺.

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