July 9, 2013

Meet Lalove!

Whenever I meet people the conversation starts out with a pronunciation guide to my name, so here it goes – La (like you’re singing) – luv (is a verb) – ee (as in what you say when you see a spider). La-luv-ee, emphasis on the “la.”  No my parents weren’t hippies, though I think maybe I should have been.   I love the way they dress. 

My husband David is a tall glass of water who I married because he keeps me entertained – he’s really good at remembering funny movie quotes and finding funny pictures/videos on the internet; those are some of his greatest talents.  We live in Idaho and we have two children, William who’s three, and Elinore who’s three months.  I work from home as a technical document editor, and I recently, after many years of going to school part time, finished my Master’s degree in English.  This means I might actually be able to read and write for non-school related purposes in the future!  Maybe.  If my children will leave me alone long enough to accomplish anything.  Which is doubtful. 

In the spirit of the name of this blog, I’ll admit that despite having two kids, I still am kind of surprised when I realize that I am a mom.  Moms are supposed to be people who bake bread and know all the answers.  The true mom is my own mom because she does all that stuff.  I just have two kids who spend most days running around in their underwear/diaper surviving on granola bars and, my new favorite addiction, hummus. 

One of my favorite aspects of having children is being able to dress them up in funny ways.  Mostly it happens around Halloween, but William did sport a mullet for awhile, just so I could get some redneck pictures of him.  But I guess as long as my children survive to adulthood without too many issues, I’ll be worthy of the name “mom.”  Thanks for letting me share!

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