September 13, 2013

My Son Spilled A HALF GALLON OF EXTERIOR PAINT All Over My Living Room Yesterday.

Therefore, I didn't post anything for my normal Thursday post.  Cause I was too busy bawling, scrubbing babies and carpet, bawling some more...I said the s-word, too. (I don't usually swear, but seeing all that blue paint made me want. to. die.  It came out like the guttural shriek of a dying beast.) 

Here's my facebook status and some pics.  I hope this never happens to you.

"Today was not a good day. Why? Because my son spilled a half gallon of exterior paint all over my living room. I was in the kitchen with my son and a little girl I was babysitting. They were following each other around, like they always do, then they walked into the living room. After a few minutes, I thought, "They are sure quiet. I should check them." As I went towards the living room, Hayden walked around the corner...and he was BLUE. From head to toe. I had forgotten to put away a can of paint from a mural for a play I was working on the night before. WHAT A NIGHTMARE. (I said a bad word really loud...I hope Hayden doesn't make that his next new word!) I was scrubbing two babes in a tub--we were all bawling--when Patrick miraculously came home early from school. (He never comes home during the day...God sent him to answer my desperate, freaking-out prayer) My neighbor, Amanda took the kids while Patrick and I tried to clean the horrible, freakin mess! (Sorry Amanda, that you had to see me ugly-crying) My husband didn't even yell or point fingers; he just said, "Well that sucks." and helped me clean. Not the best day ever. BUT, we drowned our sorrows in Papa Murphy's Hawaiian pizza for dinner, so the day wasn't a complete bust! Thank your Shane and Amber, for lending us your carpet steam was worth a try!"


Trying to wash out little baby footprints.

AFTER using a carpet steam-cleaner.  Like 7 times. 

My fav t-shirt is ruined.  :(

Ha!  He doesn't even feel bad. (This is after scrubbing him good...ain't no way I'm stopping to take pics when babies are covered in paint, spreading little hand prints on my walls and couches!

But, in the end, neither baby drank paint.  And, they could have finger painted a lot more!  So it's ok.  (Deep breath...) 

Next time you feel like the only mom whose life isn't Blog/Pinterst worthy, don't worry...I have spotted blue carpet!  Ha!  Life isn't perfect; it's a package deal and catastrophes are included--everybody has them.  (I'm telling myself things like this so I chillll out about the mess in my living room.)

Well, I guess I've officially been initiated into the "Mom of Toddler" club.  What kind of messes have your toddlers made?  Let's commiserate--I'm sure it will make me feel better!  :)

Update: After trying lots of cleaning (failure, failure, failure.) it cost $700 to replace the living room and hall carpet (*sob).  Well, at least we have posh, brand new carpet! :)


  1. Oh my goodness, Amy! Yes, that sucks! I think the times when I am having the WORST days, my husband magically comes home too! Isn't that amazing? Food is somehow a great comfort as well. I would have done the same thing.

    1. Yes, it's bad how comforting a large pizza is to me...ha!

  2. My niece opened a tub of vaseline and went to town. There is a dark spot on the carpet where the grease just wouldn't all come out of her carpet. I haven't had anything stain the carpet yet but my bathroom cabinet is ruined from a ton of water on the floor that it soaked up and my kids (mostly Tyler) put 87 holes in our hallway that I filled and painted. Mostly from Tyler throwing things during tantrums. Oh, and a few big chips in our piano and bench that we bought new...and a few large scratches on our 2-day old Plasma times. Good things I love my kids more than my things. (Just waiting for the day when one of the kids runs into our month old truck with their scooter or bike.)

    1. Oh my gosh, Tyler! Ha! 87 holes!?? Wow... Ha, yes, that's what it has to come donw to: I love my kids more than things.

      Vaseline sounds really nasty to clean up, too!

  3. Oh my goodness, what a horrible traumatic day! Awesome that your hubby showed up and was decent about it too... I'm honestly just kinda waiting for the ball to drop and my boys doing something major like this one day! Glad you are such a trooper, Amy! Hope it all turns out ok :)

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I'm so sorry! I would have been bawling all day to. But like you said, so glad they didnt eat the paint. That would have been so much worse. It can only get better from here right? well atleast until he is a teenager! Im scared for the teen years! hahaha :)

    Rachel @ R & R Workshop

  5. Oh wow! I don't even really know what to say..just oh wow! Keep your chin up lady:)

  6. I just had to read this post again today. The part about the swear word makes me laugh every time, haha. I would've sworn too! I am excited to have a baby, but thankful for posts like this that keep things real! You have blue spotted carpet and an adorable, curious toddler who is extremely loved and lucky to have you as his mom! I miss you Amy!!

  7. Oh and Patrick...what a good husband!! The temptation to point fingers or place blame is high in situations like that! You married a GREAT man!


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