February 14, 2014

Have a Creepy Valentines!

By Amy

Well, here's the creepy Valentine I made my husband. 

Looks all sweet...

BAM!  Creepy Gollum! 

Patrick is disturbed...I think I laughed harder than him. :)

And, Hayden made Patrick a Valentine! He was SO excited to give it to his Dadda! :)  He kept saying "Heart!  Heart!"

Well, that was about it for us...I am a lame mom, cause I didn't make any heart-shaped waffles and I didn't dye any food with red food coloring or carpet the floor with rose petals.  (I'm just a pathetic preggie who barely has the motivation to do the dishes, let alone extra projects...and I'm pretty sure my 1-year-old doesn't care if his food is festive for Valentines.)

But, I made a killer Valentine for my hub!  Ha!  We ate a normal din, then Patrick and I edited his paper for school while Hayden made a mess, and then we put Hayden to bed and Patrick went to work--and now I am trolling Facebook and bloggin....not too romantic, but tomorrow we are going on a HOT DATE!  Wahoo!

Happy Valentines, friends!  I hope you got to spend some time with those you love.  Remember God loves you!

And I think you are PRECIOUS!  :)


  1. Ha! didn't see that one coming. :) I don't do heart-shaped waffles or red food either, but my kids still felt loved. :)

  2. I love your card! It's too funny! We always say stuff like Smeegle. My husband recently had surgery and while he was on the heavy drugs he called one of the nurses Smeegle! It was pretty funny. Kathleen @ Fearlessly Creative Mammas


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