February 13, 2014

Love Stories By YOU!

By Amy

I adore hearing stories of how couples meet and fall in love.  I can't get enough!  :)

So, now that I shared my own goofy love saga, here are two amazing love stories by SOM readers!

These posts were featured here a year ago, but both are so great, I MUST share them again.  Kristina's story makes me pee my pants laughing. (Don't judge, I'm pregnant.)  Kendra's story is soooo incredible; the journey she took to find the happiness that she now has...even after a painful divorce, she dared to let love in and...oh, it's so beautiful!  You have to read it yourself. :)

And both stories are great, cause REAL LOVE takes effort and understanding and work and life isn't a fairy tale...but it can be pretty dang magical! :)  (Wow, cheeser award goes to me! haha...)


"You Had Me At Shut-Up" by Kristina

"From Hell to Heaven: Giving Love a Second Chance" by Kendra

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