February 11, 2014

Valentines and Awkward LOVE!

By Amy

My niece as Junice from SNL!  Now, that's awkward.

Oh, how I love this holiday!  And, always have, though for years I hid it behind sarcastic comments and condescending smirks.  I was a self-proclaimed love-hater.  But it was always a mask that I wore to hide my true, love-sick, sappy self.

I couldn't kid myself, though.  Seriously, if you sob over your book when Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe FINALLY get together, you are definitely a romantic sap.  I couldn't deny it.  And, while I loved love in books, movies, songs, etc, my own love life was quite ridiculous.  Do you remember when I told you about it last Valentines?  Here it is again for you reading pleasure! (Or displeasure if "awkward" makes you squirm...ha)

So, whether you are celebrating this Valentines with a loved one, watching sappy movies with the girls and proudly exclaiming "single's awareness day!" or, if you secretly hope and wish for the day that you will have a best love of your own, maybe my dysfunction will give you a laugh and a little hope. (Or maybe you'll just think I'm an idiot...ha, I guess that's ok too.)

Here it is:


It's pretty embarrassing.  Ha!

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