May 11, 2014

Happy Momma's Day, By YOU! :)

Hey friends!  I'm so excited to share these pics and words with you!  

The questions I asked were, "What do you love about your mom?" and "What do you love about being a mom?"

I LOVED hearing all of these ladies thoughts.  I hope you do too!


All three of my babies!
I love being a mom. It is the fulfillment of my lifelong dream. My favorite things are sloppy baby kisses, reading stories while snuggling, and sharing my talents and passions with them. I find motherhood (and womanhood) to be so fulfilling and rewarding. I also love learning from other women and hearing about their experiences and lives. I'm thankful for the many women who have "mothered" me over the years, and have taught me by example. They have shown me the kind of woman I want to be, and the kind of women I want to teach my girls to become. --Tracy


I love my kids so much and am so grateful to be their mom. They teach me so much every day and make me a better person...without them my life would be pretty boring! --Amber

This is my mother and my son Liam. My mother has always been there for me she is very strong in every way. I absolutely love being a mom, the moment Liam was born, so was I. "The only thing greater than having you as my mom, is my children having you as their grandmother."--Cassie

What do I love about being a mom? I love watching my little bug learn and grow. She amazes me everyday. I love our cuddles while reading books before bed. Most of all I love her little giggle and knowing she is ours for eternity!! --Amber

I became a mom this last year, and I would never trade it for anything! One thing (of many) that makes it so fun is watching them discover the world! Whether it's a new food, new texture, new animal, etc. I love watching his reactions and interactions as he explores. Right now, my son is particularly fascinated with moving people and vehicles in a parking lot! Happy Mother's Day everyone! --Danae


1. What do I love about my mom!? This question could have an essay written to it! I LOVE my mother so much. She is my best friend, my most admired example, my go to in trouble, my laughing, roll down hills buddy and the best listening ear a girl could ask for. My mother embodies charity and is always lifting others to their best. She puts others first and has a heart bursting with LOVE! She's the BEST!

2. What do I love about being a mom!? Being a new mother has opened the world of WOWisms. Whenever I think, "I made her!" its a wowism, whenever I get a big gummy grin from her it's a wowism, whenever I hear her laugh it's a BIG wowism, whenever she learns something new it's a wowism....It is amazing that we are BLESSED to give birth to little angels. Being a mother is such an honor and privilege and the most humbling of all life's positions. We as women have the ability to bring others into this world, WOW! The process of life & motherhood is a wowism!!!! --Carolyn


The real question is what don't I love about my mom? She seriously has it so together. She is loving and humble and constantly ready to jump up and serve anyone in need. I love being a mom myself because I love seeing my mother's influence in my own home. Having her wonderful example in my life has molded and shaped the way I do motherhood for my son. And that makes him one lucky kid! --Katelyn


What I love about being a mom is seeing the world through my children's eyes, being needed and being loved unconditionally even if it's with sticky kisses! --Edee

My favorite part about being a mom is watching my son grow and develop and learn new things. He grows way too fast, but is becoming more fun! --DaNae

What do I love about my mom? There are a lot of things that I love about my mom, but one that sticks out to me now is that she listens to me. My husband and I moved from Idaho to North Carolina about two years ago with our then newborn, and then life got really hard. She always listened to me and gave me loving advice throughout those rough times. She always helped my find a way to laugh or put things into perspective. --Sarah

I love being a mom because I honestly have never been happier. Their little smiles, quirky personalities, snuggles, hugs, sleeping faces, cute voices, and just watching them learn and grow brings me such joy. Even on the tough days its hard but nice to be that person to help comfort them. I love to love them and to be loved by them! --Kendra

I love that she will drop anything if her family needs her. She let's all of us know we are loved and important.

I love getting hugs from a princess and all the little victories. Like folding arms for prayer. Asking to say prayer, saying please, thank you and bless you.

Knowing that I am needed in his life not just for food but for the love, warmth and giggles I bring him and him to me. --Jessica

I love my mom because she is so dang smart! She is always going to school and learning. (She's almost done with her second masters!) I look up to her so much and aspire to be like her.

The most rewarding part of being a mom is seeing my kids learn. There's nothing like watching my toddler's vocabulary expand or the proud look on my 1 year olds face when she stands up all by herself. Followed by lots of applause for herself, too. ;) --Erica

Photo by: Alyssa (I love this picture...we were by the campfire, and I was drawing pictures for Hayden)
I love my momma.  She is the kind of lady that took wood shop in high school, built an amazing doll house for us, plants trees, plays with blocks for hours with her grandkids, and would rather go help a neighbor than spend a day at the spa.  She is a hard worker and truly gives so much of her time to service.  My mom shows me what it means to give of yourself.  She's amazing and such a good grandma.

I love my momma-in-law too!  I really lucked out with a fun, supportive, and loving M. I. L.  She is such a determined lady, getting her master's degree when she had 5 kids, and is currently training for her second half marathon...she blows my mind. :)  She also loves my son, and loves to spend time with him, (he's her only grandchild!) which is nice for me! :)

What do I love about being a mom?  I love the hilarious things that my son says, his amazing little emerging personality, and the excitement he gets when he sees something new.  It's so fun!  And, his little face and when he sings with me...oh my heck, it makes every two year old tantrum worth it. :)  It took me a while to adjust to motherhood (we both cried A LOT) but as time has gone by, it has only gotten better.  We'll see how number two goes! (Hopefully he is very chill...*fingers crossed!*)

Thank you so much to all the sweet ladies who shared their thoughts and was so fun to get a glimpse into your life and heart!

Happy Momma's day to you all, whether your are currently a mom, or will be in the future!  We can all nurture and love others, whether they are our kids or not.  To those ladies who are longing and wishing to be moms, this day can be a sad one.  All I can say, is we love you--I sincerely hope that someday you will have the desire of your heart!  And to those ladies who are missing their mommas, or even grieving for a good relationship they never had with their mother, we love you too!

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