June 12, 2014

Llama Kitchen Art

By Amy Graham

SO...if you've been following SOM for a while, you'll remember my Napoleon Dynamite Kitchen Wall art.  And if you're new here, thanks for coming over, ya little puddin!

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So you know from my previous Napoleon art post that I am a big fan.  I love all their awkward ways (makes me feel better about myself, ha!) as well as the hilarious small farm-town Idaho humor.  Since I'm a native Idahoan, from a small town, and I'm pretty sure I know Lyle's twin, this movie speaks to me. There's so much weirdness to love!

So, it was natural to pay tribute to one of my favorite movies through art.  And, since I am a crappy, unwilling cook, I figured that my I could use this quote for my future kids.

It sounded a little bossy-pants, so I added a "please".   Ya know-- manners and all that.

For a while, I've wanted to do another piece to go with the first for my kitchen...and of course, I had to use Tina.  Ha, gotta love the pet llama.  I decided not to include, "Tina, you fat lard!" since I do NOT want the words, "fat lard" staring down at me as I eat my dinner every night.  Um...no thank you.

I figure that when I've got older kids, between these two messages, I will have pretty much everything covered...Whether they're whining about wanting a snack, or disliking what I've made for a meal, I can just point to the applicable painting on the wall, and bada bing!  Problem solved.

So, here's the process...it wasn't too fancy.  :)  (I only complete crafts that fall under the category of "freakin easy.")

The llama.  (Sorry, the lighting is crappy, cause I was working on this at like 10 at night.  I've learned that crafting when my toddler is awake=no good.)
I enlarged a pic of Tina, printed her out, and traced the sucker!  How's that for an art degree?  Ha..really, I do have one.
Words are free-handed, cause I like the home-made look.  (aka, I don't want to go look for my stencils, and vinyl is WAY beyond my crafting patience and ability.
Painted!  With some acrylic paint leftover from previously mentioned art classes.  I kinda wonder if I need to work on his face a little....does it look llamaish or like an ant-eater? Hmm...
Here's the first masterpiece....(ha, maybe masterpiece is a bit of an exaggeration...)
And masterpiece numero dos!  Along with the excellent print that I bought from an art sale on campus...I LOVE it.  E. House, your print "Call the Kettle" has inspired my entire color scheme of my kitchen.

Well, I hope I've inspired you to add some art to your walls that is unique to you!  It can be pretty simple, and it's fun to make people laugh whenever they come in your house. :)  Home decor doesn't have to be all beautiful and serious all the time...it's cool to add your own little quirky-ness!

Alrighty, that's it for me.  New friends, don't forget to follow along here at SOM!  You can hear lots of ladies' stores, as well as share your own!  We have a lot of fun.  :)

So, your turn!  What movie quote would you like as a piece of art?   (I also contemplated, "Get that corn outta my face!" for the kitchen, cause I love me some Nacho Libre...maybe next time. :)

In the words of Kip, "Peace out."

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  1. This one makes me laugh.... aah that's a good movie! I never would have thought to put that in my kitchen, but that is perfect. Nice work!

  2. LOVE! I think I will make one too for my daughter. Imitation and flattery :) I hope you don't mind. My daughter and I LOVE Napoleon. We are often saying saying snippets to each other.

  3. Hahaha--love it! Even though I've never seen Napoleon Dynamite. I have seen Nacho Libre though and that's awesomely hilarious but my husband hates it. If I were going to make any quote into wall art it would be something said by Captain Jack in Pirates of the Caribbean. Maybe.... "I wash my hands of this weirdness."

  4. I just taught a watercolor class tonight for the activity day girls in my ward. I thought of this post and your watercolor technique piece you have hanging in these pictures. What techniques did you use for each square?


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