August 4, 2014

Oh Yes, SOM...We Gonna Party Like it's Your Birthday!

By Amy

I've got some good news, friends....drum roll please.....

Cymbal Crash!

Ok, ok, soooo we are technically celebrating Swag On, Momma's One and a half year birthday.

I planned on celebrating on SOM's actual one year "blogiversary" (ha, so cheesy a word!) back in mid-January, but then, I suddenly landed myself in the hospital with a blood clot.  Besides that painful/scary ordeal, I was pregnant and in my first trimester and felt like crap.  Big time.  So, with the addition of the blood clot, any personal plans and ambitions went to pot for a few weeks.  Hence, I missed it the silly rite of passage for bloggers: The Blogiversary.

But!  August marks a year and a half of SOM; why not still celebrate!?

I took this pic back in the early days of SOM!
Now, I know a Blogiversary may seem a little over-the-top, (especially to non-bloggers) and just a good excuse to re-share "oldie, but goodie" posts that are hidden back in the archive, (haha, I will totally be doing that, I gotta admit!) but for me, this is a pretty big accomplishment!  I, a very scatter-brained, A.D.D. type of person, followed through with a project/idea and kept this blog a runnin for over a year!  Miracle! :)  So, that is worth celebrating!  Plus, SOM has come a long way, and I am proud of the progress.

Also, I've been so honored and humbled to share the words of so many amazing guest-posters.  Many stories have brought me to tears, or made me laugh till I cried, or just choked me up with happiness. (Can you tell I'm a crier? Ha!)  I am grateful and awed by these ladies who have shared their hearts with us, as well as your incredible responses through comments, "Likes" and "Shares."  I am excited to re-share some of these guest-posts again, in case you missed them the first time around!

Plus, the support and love you've shown me when I share my thoughts with you has meant the world. The work and time I've put into this blog has been so worthwhile, even though I was freakin' intimidated to start this thingy.  And, I plan to continue to bring you great content, share your stories, and tell some of my own!  It brings me a lot of joy to connect with you.  :)

SO, let's party it up this week, smash my laptop into a chocolate cake (that's the norm for first birthdays, right?) and I'll give away some swag! :)  There will be a new post every day this week through Friday, (don't worry, they will be short, haha) so keep checkin back!  (Unless my water breaks and I end up in the hospital birthing a baby...then, we'll shoot for the two year Blogiversary instead.  Ha!)

Tomorrow, I'll be hosting an awesome give-away that I am excited about!  A little's a snuggly, adorable give-away!  (Sorry, not a new puppy.  Animals don't ship well.)

Love you, friends!

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