April 20, 2015

Introducing the....

By Amy

All mommas work. Hard. No doubt about that! But, every momma's work looks a little different. Yes, we all take care of our home and family, (and that is SUCH an important work!) but the day-to-day routines vary a lot. Some mommas also have employment outside of the home, some are stay-at-home moms, some do outside work from their home, and some have part-time employment that they leave their home to do. Bottom line; we're all taking care of business. The choice of what work each momma does totally depends on what feels right or is necessary for her and her family.  And let me just say, you can be a great momma and a successful person in all of those scenarios!

But what about the mommas who want to earn money, but don't want to (or can't) have a traditional outside-of-the-home job? What kind of options do they have? Well if that's you, this is your lucky day! That's what we're gonna talk about in our new series: non-traditional ways that moms can make money. (And I'm not talking about selling your kidney on the black market, or anything crazy like that...) :)

Sarah, a good friend who is the sis-in-law of my sis-in-law (got that?) was cool enough to let me join her for this series! :) Sarah and I are both mommas who've chosen the "SAHM"route, but both of us have sought out ways to make money while being at home. This has been a lifesaver for me. I feel a lot better when I am able to create things and earn some money, cause it gives me an outlet for my restless, artsy, creative self. And when I feel better emotionally, I'm a happier/better momma! Plus, if I can make any money to help my little family financially, then I am very grateful. My random avenues of income, even small ones, have helped my family get through the past 3 years while my husband was working his tail off at grad school. So naturally this topic is important to me, as well as Sarah.

That's why we are super excited to bring you the Mommas Makin Moola series!  Every week on Monday we will take turns featuring a momma with a non-traditional way of earning moola. I'm excited to hear each of their unique stories...it's gonna be cool! :) Oh, and just to clarify, we are totally NOT saying that every mom should feel the need to make money. Cause being a mom is a big job by itself! But, for those of us who want to or need to, (or if you just like to hear other ladies' experiences) then stick around! :)

Our first momma making moola is Jenni Martz, a yard sale-ing treasure hunter! Pretty dang cool way to make money if you ask me! :) She will be featured on Sarah's Blog...check it out here!  

Bring on the moola. :)

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  1. Great intro to our series! I'm super excited to do this with you and to hear all the cool ways moms can make some money.


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