April 2, 2015

King or Queen? Cuddle or No?

By Amy

Guys, my baby is starting to sleep through the night! Wahooo!!!  It is soo luxurious to wake up from a 5, 6, even 7 hour stretch of blissful sleep. I'm no longer falling asleep sitting up during the day! And, I no longer want to die when morning comes! It's awesome and magical to finally get quality, uninterrupted sleep again. :)  And, I don't know if this is just me, but when I wake up in the morning and my baby slept through the night, he is like twice as adorable! :)

You may remember my little family is staying in my parent's basement right now while my husband has his last clinical before graduation. (He's almost done! GLORY HALLELUJAH!)  One decision we had to make when we moved in was, which bedroom would my husband and I (along with our baby in his crib) sleep in?  My old bedroom or my sisters' old room?  The bed in my old bedroom is a King.  When I was in high school, my parents got it so that my room could be turned into a guest room after I headed off to college. I was super cool with having a giant King bed. It was so fun to sleep all sprawled across it; I felt like royalty! Like I was Louis the 14th or something! (Except no servant ever showed up in the morning with a breakfast tray. Such a bummer.)

But, after getting married, whenever my husband and I would visit and sleep in my old bed (which is a little strange...sleeping in my old bed, in my childhood bedroom...with A BOY! EEK! Haha!) we'd lay in that huge bed and I'd think, "It's too big! My babe is too far away from me!"  I'd have to scootch over halfway across the bed to finally reach my husband for a cuddle! (Or--let's be honest--leach his warmth and stick my icy feet on his legs! Oh he loves that.) Nope, after getting married, I definitely prefer a Queen bed. When we moved in to my parents place, we put our bed in storage and chose my sister's old bedroom as our room now, cause it has a very comfy queen. I do miss our own bed, but the one we're using is a great substitute for now.

Our comfy bed which is now in storage. The headboard is perfect for sitting up against to read, feed the baby, or just relax. :)
This is my room in high school...can you believe our crazy cat sleeping on it's back!? Ha! Hmm...books, The Beatles, globes, paper lanterns, a table for art projects...I haven't changed much. :)
Even though I love Queens, I can see how if you or your spouse is a light sleeper and the other a thrasher, a King bed would be ideal. And, some people don't sleep well while cuddling or touching, so they like a little extra space. (While I'm pregnant, it's so hard to get comfortable and I'm NOT cuddly at night. Not at all. Like, "I love you!"--insert 30 second cuddle--"Ok, good night, and please don't touch me now.")

On the non-practical side, having a King just seems so awesomely posh! I mean, who doesn't want to feel like Louis the 14th? And since none of us could ever live in Versailles, at least we could get ourselves a fancy bed! :)

So, I am curious...if you are married, do you and your spouse prefer a King or a Queen? Anybody out there have a California King? (Those seem sooo big...like it belongs in Elvis' bedroom at Graceland or something. Ha.) Does anybody squish into a Full with their spouse? Oh, and do you cuddle or just sleep to your own side?  Is that too personal to ask?  Ok, I can see that I'm pretty much a totally nosy person. :)

I thought it would be hard to sleep with another person in my bed, waking me up whenever they moved.  Plus, I was VERY non-touchy in jr. high and high school, and struggled with dating anxiety, so the thought of sleeping with a dude in my bed was kinda mind-blowing!  Haha!  It took a little while after we were married to get used to it--to not wake up from a deep sleep and be all HOLYCRAPTHERE'SAMANINMYBED!" But, now I totally hate sleeping without my hub!  Sleeping alone in a big bed used to feel posh, but now it just feels...lonely.  Funny how things change.

Well, friends I hope you have a fabulous day! I'm excited cause I've got some pretty cool stuff coming to this blogity blog in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned! :) OH, and don't forget to tell me your bed preferences, cause I'm curious. :) (Please, no TMI, mm'k?) Ha.

 Love you all!


  1. I used to be all about the cuddle. I don't know when that changed but now I don't want to even know my husband is in the same room. Haha. I have been very happy with our upgrade to the king. He still spoons me at night for a few seconds and then I tell him good night! And I roll away. But currently I've got a teeny baby that ends up cuddling me most of the night. I'm excited to see what you're doing with the blog! I'm coming to Idaho for a loooong stay at my parents this summer and I want to get together and play! And I've got an idea I wanted to talk to you about as well. I'll email you! Xoxoxo

    1. Haha...the roll away! A lot of times we actually sleep back to back. His back keeps me warm, but I can still have my feet out the side of the bed...ha. Yay! I am so excited you are coming up to Idaho! I was sad that your son's b-day party got cancelled, cause I wanted to see you. :) And, I love ideas. And I love your blog! (I hope I have the right Erica...)

  2. We've always had a full bed, not even a queen, so a queen feels 'huge' to us. Our bedrooms have been seriously on the small side--as in a king would take up the entire room, and we're both fairly short, small people, so we don't have any trouble fitting in a small bed. One time on vacation we stayed in a hostel and the bed in their double room we'd reserved was a twin! Somehow, we fit, and slept just fine, but I wouldn't want that for everyday purposes.

    1. WOw! Hahah, fitting a twin together, that is talent! We've never slept on a twin, but we do now and then take a Sunday nap together laying on our couch and that's pretty darn comfy. :)

  3. King size all the way! I like being able to roll like three times before actually making contact with my husband. We used to have a queen bed which was fine. We just didn't know what we were missing before we got our king.

  4. We started out our very, very poor married life with the full-sized bed I had in high school. But soon upgraded to a queen when the next holiday came around and his parents asked what we wanted! Now when the 5 kids come in in the morning and are all jumping on the bed (and us) I'm thinking that a king is really what we need...


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