May 27, 2015

Momma Makin Moola #6! Kim the Craft Blogger

Hey friends! Time for another...

I love this post. Not just because Kim makes me laugh, (wait till you see her blogging in pjs pic...ha, classic!) but I also love this cause she is addressing a topic that I find pretty fascinating/elusive: making money blogging! It's pretty crazy when you see all the time, hard work, and expertise that truly goes into a blog that makes decent moola. Not for the faint of heart! But, for a creative, tecnho-savy soul, it can be super fulfilling and tons of fun! So, here's Kim's story. Enjoy!

By Kim: blogger at "A Girl and a Glue Gun".

Please tell us about you and your family.

I have three kids...11, 9, and 7...and an overgrown manchild. We live in Chubbuck Idaho. We eat copious amounts of chocolate and spend far too much time making fun of each other.


What do you do to earn money as a blogger?

Publish blog posts. (ha!) Blogging has changed so much from when it started. To make money you had to contact people and get ads on the sidebar and rotate them and jump through a bunch of hoops. Now I just have an advertising team that runs the ads. My only real job is to get people to my blog to see them. The more people that see them..the more money I get. And when I pin..people repin and I get traffic to come over from essentially...I get paid to be on pinterest!! ( job ever)

Why did you start blogging?

My husband was actually commuting at the time...gone for two weeks...home for one. I had a one year old, 4 year old and a 6 year old....So it basically was a sanity saver.--true necessity to keep me out of the nut house. (ironically...I feel like i'm living in the nuthouse sometimes!)

How did you get started?

I had a family blog...and loved it to pieces. I spend so many hours putting together funny posts for it. But when my crafts started to take it over I decided to start a craft blog...(and now my little family blog is sooo neglected!)

What is your work schedule like?

Ah. This one makes me laugh. I probably work about 80 hours a week. I wake up and get the kids off the school and craft and take photos and edit photos and write posts and then get all my social media sent out and answer emails and repeat. I try to really stop when the kids are home from school...but I usually just do crafts with them as well. I run them to dance and soccer and track and try to answer emails while waiting for them to be done! And then when they go to bed and are all tucked in --it's back to the computer I go! (heigh ho. heigh ho.)

What do you love about blogging? 

I love creating. I love to show people fun things I have done and see it get remade. It's a fantastic outlet for me (cause let's be honest...I could redecorate my whole house and the only thing my husband would say is "how much did that cost me?") and I've actually made SOO many awesome blogging friends! And as an extra crap! I get fun packages in the mail every week! It's like Christmas all year long!!! 


What do you not like as much about blogging? What is hard?

Um...I get some realllly random emails that I have to respond too...Questions about something I made (and the answer is usually IN the blog post if they would just read it!) Rude comments. And I think the feeling that no matter how much you work...there is always something else that can be done. It feels like it's never ending. My husband gets to clock out at 6 and not think about it again until the next day. I go to sleep thinking about a roundup I can do and how to use this craft product.
oh...and html. it's a $%$&*.

Would you recommend this path to other mommas? Why or why not?

I'm actually pretty torn with how to answer this! Let me start with telling you this: Don't get into it to make money. Do it because it's your passion. If you don't love LOVE LOVE will HATE it quickly. Blogging is a blast. I love that I get to be in my pjs. and go on a vacation without having to get time off...and be home when my kids are sick. But it is a lot of work. and it can be frustrating. You can put so much time and effort into something and then you get zero comments or pins or likes....!


How can a momma know if she is a good fit for blogging? If she is, how can she get started?

Do not think that you shouldn't start a blog because there are already so many--You have a secret weapon that no other blog has--YOU! I think everyone has something unique to add to the blogging world. But it's super duper hard to get your voice heard (or crafts seen)
If you are going to start--I would say--
A.make sure you use AWESOME photos...pinterest has made this such a visual world.
B. Think to yourself, "how can I set myself apart?"
and c. make sure to find yourself some blogging friends. It's so nice to have someone to shoot an email too and ask for help with something! I have a whole group on a hidden secret facebook page where we can just ask questions or promote each others stuff. And honorable mention: join some linky parties to get your blog out there!!!

What do you see as your future in blogging?

I have no idea.
I don't know where this path will take me. I would love to do it for as long as I can. But that being said...who knows in 4 years if it loses it's appeal or other different opportunities arise! I used to paint murals on walls and I want to write a children's book... so I have backups...(I will never get a real 9-5 job! It is just not in me!)

What is your favorite way to recharge and relax?

Uh...blogging? I do read. and I love board games. But I really relax by getting on the computer and getting stuff done. It soothes me to check off stuff on my list of things to do. It's a sickness I tell you!

How do you find balance in your life between home, family, making money, hobbies, taking care of yourself etc?

Let me tell you something I heard, " Balance is Bullcrap" Finding balance is about as elusive as finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You will never feel like you are doing it all...well. Sometimes you are doing it all...and feeling like you are sucking at each thing... There are only so many hours in a day and days in a week. I just try to put the priorities and kids... ( first) and if dinner is mac and cheese then so be it! Luckily my husband motivates me to clean the house often enough that I'm not living in complete filth. The only piece of advice I would say is ORGANIZATION. Write everything down. keep everything organized. It saves times and sanity.
AND if anyone finds out the secret to perfect balance in your life...please share!!

Just for fun, what and where would be your dream vacation?

with a pile of books.
and no computer in sight.
Husband can come along I guess.  Twitter  Facebook  Bloglovin  Instagram

Ha, I love her. So, are you surprised by how much time a successful blog takes? (She said 80 HOURS PEOPLE!) Pretty mind-blowing. But, if you love it, you're having fun, right? Nonetheless, this is not an easy moola-making route--a blogger who makes money off their blog freakin EARNS every penny they get! I heard a successful blogger once say that for how much time she spends on her blog, she ends up getting paid two dollars an hour(!!!) Ha, personally, I've never gotten my crap together enough to make a dime off of this blog. But, even though I do put a good amount of effort and time into it, I guess I'm not willing to put in the work/time it takes to actually make moola in the blogging world, and that's fine with me. I have a ton of fun and find it super fulfilling to read/share other ladies' stories, as well as sharing my own--on about 5 hours a week. :) I really like that blogging lets me be social while being a SAHM hermit at the same time. Ha!

For the bloggers out there, do you make income from your blog? How much time do you typically spend per week blogging? What do you love/not love about blogging to earn money? We'd love to hear! :)

If you're interested, here's another post by a blogger who realistically shares what goes into making money off of blogging...Cami is my husband's aunt! I love her post and her honesty.

Anywhoo, I hope you loved this MMM edition as much as I! We only have a couple more posts in this series, so stay tuned! :) And if this is your first time hanging out with us here, then--where the heck have you been!? :) We'd love to have you party with us. :) Like SOM on Facebook, and/or follow us on Bloglovin for more stories from mommas like you!

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