September 19, 2013

We Love The Palmers!

By Amy

So, my friends...I don't usually do anything on SOM that has to do with mooola.  But, this is so important, I just had to get the word out!

Do you remember when I interviewed Tamara about her life as a mom of two kids and one infant, who also works full-time as a teacher?  Well, as if she didn't already have enough on her plate, her husband, Landon, who is in college full-time, found out he had a massive brain tumor.  Now, I don't know if you know this, but teachers in Idaho make pennies.  Really--I know cause I was one.  For a family with three kids, as a full-time teacher with 12 years of teaching experiences, Tamara still has a salary that qualifies her family for WIC.  That's like poverty level, people!  (Don't get me started on the ridiculous injustice it is that teachers are paid crap for doing such a challenging and overwhelming job with tons of outside unpaid preparation for every class!)  Because they were just trying to pay bills and buy groceries, they couldn't afford insurance for Landon.  As you can imagine, the bills involved with brain surgery are monstrous, especially with no insurance--so suddenly they found themselves underneath a ginormous pile of medical debt.  And then, of course their car breaks down!  Go figure, huh?

Here's a some pics to show their journey.

Before surgery.


The tumor is gone!!  Pretty impressive scar, don't you think?

Getting to hold his baby girl.

They let him out of ICU to see his kiddios! 

Time to go home!

The fam!

Tamara's brother and sister-in-law started a fund so that others could help them with this burden. If there's any way you could make a donation, they would be so grateful.  So would I.  I love these people.  They are so wonderful and deserving of good, since they always reach out to others to love and serve them.  I told Tamara, I wish I was a millionaire, so I could sneak in and pay all the bills!  It would be so fun! :)  But, as my husband is a student, and I only make money from a couple art lessons a can do.  But extraordinary things can happen when many ordinary people work together! 

And let me tell you, it's been amazing to see their faith through all of this.  At our book club meetings, I've seen Tamara tell us how frustrated, scared, and worried sick she is, but I've also heard her say in the same conversation that she knows their family will be fine, and that she's seen so many answered prayers and tender mercies from the Lord that she knows He is watching over their family.  Now, we get to be God's hands in helping this family!

Click on this link to read their story and make a donation.  And, thank you in advance for anything you can give to support!  Even a little means a lot! :)

Love, Amy

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