October 29, 2013

Update on Goals. (I'm So Ashamed.)

By Amy

I wish I had something amazing, inspiring, funny, or heart-rending to share with you today, my friends.  But I only have a sad confession.

Remember when I told you about my list of goals to achieve before baby #2 blows my mind?  (No, this is not an announcement, sorry mom and mom-in-law...ha!) And then, ya know that one time when I was full of pie in the sky promises about accomplishing one of those goals by running the Halloween Costume 5k?

Well, I did not run it.  I am ashamed.

A few days before the race I came down with a stupid cold.  I am a pathetic asthmatic and when I am sick, my asthma flares big time, plus I am out of my asthma meds, sooooo....I deemed it unwise.  I didn't think it would be fun to be found way behind the whole pack of runners, gasping on the sidewalk, having an asthma attack.  In a costume.  Like a crazy freak.

But worst of all, I didn't get to pull off an epic costume!  My husband and I SOOOO would have won the couples costume prize.  Grrr...and the prize was a good one too; a bunch of gift certificates to restaurants and cool places in town!  (In other words, we would actually go on some dates, ha!)  I was going to be a hare (I had these adult-sized pink footie pajamas, and I was going to face paint my face like a bunny and loop my hair with wire into ears) and my husband was going to be the tortoise (I was going to paint his whole bald head green!!! Then make a cardboard turtle shell....what a cool costume for a race, huh?  The tortoise and the hare!")  When I decided I shouldn't run, I tried to convince my husband to wear the bunny suit, which would have been SOOO freakin hilarious, but for some reason, he objected to it being a little too small on him...I guess he doesn't like running with a constant wedgie.  I believe he called it "obscene", and "like running in a thong".  "Pshhh, you have to make sacrifices to be amazing," I told him, but no go.

So, no.  I didn't run and I failed at my goal. :(  Even though I heartily dislike running, I was actually pretty disappointed, especially after I told all of you about the race!  Do you still believe in me?  I will try again, my friends.  

Here's pics of my husband and my son and their insanely cute twinner-ness before the race.  And then pics of my husband and two of his little bros who came down to run it with us.  It was fun to cheer them on and all three of them kicked bootie!

My jesters!

Captain America, Superman (complete with tights...he's quite confident, ha!) and the Jester

Do you set goals?  If so, is it hard not to beat yourself up when you fall short?  Do you try the goal again, or just move on to something new?  Well, at least I ran a bit in preparation for the 5k (not as much as I should have), so even though I failed, the goal was still good for something, huh?  :)


  1. Try, try and try again! Whether it's the same goal or a new one, I think as long as we persevere in trying again, there's hope for change. Thanks for sharing, Amy! :)

    1. Wise words, mama ho! Yeah, I think I will try for another 5k, then work on other fitness goals. Thanks for your comment! :)

  2. I still believe in you! I can only imagine what it would be like to have asthma and it is really smart to sit a race out if you are injured or sick. That costume idea rocks! Such a good idea.

  3. I'm glad you are not risking your life to try and run while being sick and asthmatic! I think your costume idea was awesome, next year definitely!

    1. Yeah, I'm hoping next year I'll take home the big costume prize! :) Thanks, Mary!


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