December 12, 2013

Party Food Disasters.

By Amy

Well, tis the season for Holiday Parties.

This is my last party contribution.  Sorry, that's a lie.  Sigh.  Isn't it beautiful?
Which means...making food for other people.   (Oh, the terror!!!)   For us cooking-impaired, whether we're hosting a dinner party or just taking a dish to the church Christmas social, we are bound to experience some major anxiety.  I've told you before that I stink at cooking--so the thought of my inability displayed for others to see makes my stomach churn.  And to have my pathetic dish sitting in comparison to the classy dishes of all the other ladies with foodie skills?  Yikes.  I usually give up before a pot-luck and beeline it to the Oreo section of Walmart.  And I invite Papa Murphy to my dinner parties.

When my hub Patrick is there to cook, or when we can teamwork it, I do much better.  He's got cooking skillz and he usually keeps me from burning things.

But, I know I'm not the only one who dreads making food for parties.

Here are some of my sister Julie’s hilarious stories about party food fiascos.  For you that love making delicious deserts and delectable dishes, hats off to you!  Please come to my next party and bring your fabulous food with you! :)  But to my non-foodies out there, maybe my sister's experiences will bring you tidings of comfort and joy this holiday party season!  They made me feel better!  :)

When my husband and I were first married, we moved into a new ward (local church group) in a pretty fancy area.

At our first potluck party, I wanted to impress--ya know, really make friends and influence people.  I decided to make banana pudding.  First, I made the pudding and put the whip cream on top, then nicely arranged bananas on it to make it look all Martha Stewart.  I got to the party and set the pudding down on the table full of beautiful food.  Then, like one minute later, the bananas looked brown and shrively.  And nasty.  Well, I think by the end of the night, one person tried the pudding.  Oh wait, that was probably me.  I was so embarrassed.  I took my pudding home and bawled.

Julie and her cute fam!
But, I've had more bad experiences.

My stew was burned and turned into this thick gravy stuff, instead of soup.

I burned the potato casserole, then I tried to take out the burned parts--it didn't work.

I bought rolls from the grocery store last minute and the only ones they had were super hard and crusty.  Those were not the hit of the party.

At potlucks, the pressure’s on to prove your domestic skills.  It’s almost a competition.  I'm kind of jealous of the moms who are well-known for their specialty.  Like, "Oh, I hope ____ is bringing her incredible Apple Pie!"  Those ladies are amazing!

But, I guess at the end of the day, we all have our talents.  Mine isn’t baking.  I felt better when I heard the bishops's wife (like the pastor's wife) say she couldn't cook!  Well, at least that means that I'm not the only one! :)

-By Julie

Hahahha, thanks Julie!  It really doesn't matter if she can't cook...She is kind and fun, and a great mom and one of the most talented artists I've ever known!  So, in this holiday season of fanciness of all kinds, just remember that whatever your talents, they are worthwhile!  If you're not Betty Crocker, NBD.  There's nothing like some store-bought cookies to bring a little holiday cheer!  :)

So, how about you?  Does it stress you out to make food for other people?  Have you had any party food fiascos?  If so, please tell!  :)  (We're laughing WITH you, not AT you.)

And ladies, lets help each other out; how about we make a pact that we'll take a big scoop of any food that is barely touched at the next holiday party, huh?  :)  And if you loved Julie's stories and you can relate, please Like or Share this so others can get a laugh too! :)


  1. Haha... oh Julie. What I've learned is very few (if ANY) think of potlucks as a competition. We just do that to ourselves and THINK everyone is judging our dish. I've definitely had some less-than-stellar dishes that only a few ate from, but I don't mind cause then I take it home and have it for dinner the next night - ha!! And I've never had anything but deliciousness at your house :).

    1. Thanks Sherie, Its nice to hear another point of view. It helps put my own in perspective. I think the competition part comes from me cause I secretly want to have the most awesome dish in the universe and everyone in the room is searching to find the person who made it to get the reciepe. :)....which is crazy unrealistic!
      I really like potlucks and I like contributing and I shouldn't set such high standards for myself. It made me laugh how many times I tried to cook and my dish didn't turn out as I had hoped.
      I shouldn't read into the leftover bits of my dish too. Like the food is talking to me trying to tell me something! There are other factors like, how many people were there, ect. that determine how much of my dish was left.
      During a church meeting about talents I admired that the bishops's wife shared she wasn't a good cook. She is an amazing and I really admire her. She also shared some things she was good at. I liked that she was O.K. not being good at something. We talked about how other people's talents bless us too.
      Wow! This is my first blog post! I didn't intend anything to be offensive or mean.
      Thanks for your comment.

    2. No sweat, Julie! Your story is awesome! :) And, I think lots of us feel intimidated...I love how you described it...everyone is searching to find the chef behind the masterpeice!!! Haha!

  2. Sherie, I agree. I know that we are just super grateful to anyone who contributes to a pot luck. I've had plenty of dishes come home uneaten. I think they taste ok, but I am not the queen of presentation so they don't look gourmet. I guess one lesson is to just cook what you know your family will eat so that if it comes home your family is super excited. :) I cannot imagine any of you sisters cooking anything less than scrumptious. It's in your genes to be good cooks.

    1. haha...good point, Hannah...if you make it taste good, but not look too hot, then your family is thrilled for left-overs! :)


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