April 20, 2014

Sunday Thoughts: It's Easter...Hallelujah!!!

By Amy

If you've seen this video floating around on Facebook and haven't take the time to watch it, PLEASE DO IT.  Right now, it's only 2 minutes!  It is SO simple and beautiful.

Today is Easter and tomorrow is my Birthday...28 years on this crazy, messy, beautiful world!  I keep thinking about the joy and happiness I have in my life.  And even on crappy days when my toddler is pitching fits and I'm a totally exhausted preggie, feeling hopelessly overwhelmed and inadequate... all I can do is kneel down, pour out my heart to God (bawl a little bit) then go to bed, trusting and hoping that the sun will rise in the morning and tomorrow will be a better day.

And when BIG trials come, like deaths and illnesses and when scary, deep fears and anxieties keep threaten to drown us, in those times too, when I'm just trying to keep my head above water, I cling for dear life to Hope!

The hope that I have in my life is REAL--it's because of Christ.

Even when I fall short and make stupid mistakes, His grace gives me the ability and strength to change and try again!  Again and again. (and again.) :)  After all that trying, a little at a time, over a lifetime, we can become more and more like the Savior whom we love.

Through His love and gospel, I have happiness and direction in this life, and the chance to live again with my family, the Savior, and my Heavenly Father after I die!

It's pretty much the best news EVER...Hallelujah!!! 

Happy Easter!

LOVE to you all!

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